HR Coordinator Salary Trends and Job Profile in the USA 2021

hr coordinator salary trends in us

What drives a business (other than funding) is its employees, and their engagement and productivity. Developing a positive environment and a good work culture is just as important as the remuneration and add-on benefits that you provide to these employees. 

A democratic environment where employees can get their doubts resolved and find easy solutions to problems that they might be facing is essential to reduce attrition rates. All these are facilitated by HR Coordinators, who play a pivotal role in the management of employees and addressing their problems.

Salary trends for HR Coordinators

Based on the data mined by our team at JobsPikr, we found some interesting trends in the salary vs average years of experience for HR Coordinators. 

hr coordinator salary trends in us
Fig: Salary in $ per years of experience for HR Coordinators in the USA, Souce: Data from JobsPikr

Although both the minimum and the maximum salary follow an increasing trend, the growth is very small from <1 to 4-5 years of experience. After this, there is a rapid increase in both the minimum and maximum salary from the 4-5 to the 6-10 years of experience mark. HR Coordinators start at around $20k and their salaries can rise to as much as $65k after 6-10 years of work experience. 

A remarkable piece of information here is that we didn’t find much data for salaries of HR Coordinators with more than 10 years of experience. The most easily probable reason behind this can be that most HR coordinators take up positions in senior management or leadership positions after considerable years of work experience.

Search results for HR Coordinator Jobs

Search results for HR Coordinator jobs show the high demand for HR Coordinators in the American workforce. Data shows almost 60k job posts for HR Coordinators in 2021 alone (till October). These jobs are spread across more than 15k companies.

hr coordinator job postings in us
Fig: HR Coordinator Job Postings and Metrics in the USA, as recorded in 0ct 2021  Souce: Data from JobsPikr

There is an average of 8 jobs/company among the top 5k companies. Unique job titles amount to more than 7k. Unique skill-keywords are almost 3k. These numbers are remarkable for a job position that is not in the tech field.

Top skills in demand for HR Coordinators

Employee management and onboarding are the two top skills that battle it out for the top position. While onboarding new employees can seem to be the primary job of the HR Coordinator at first glance, employee management is just as important. Managing existing employees and enabling them to work better is even more important than finding and onboarding new ones.

hr coordinator skill trends in us
         Fig: Top skills mentioned in HR Coordinator job posts in the USA, Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

The 3rd and 4th positions are taken up by operations and customer service. Their occurrence in job posts is close and both are almost equally important skills that need to be mastered by HR Coordinators. 

Scheduling comes at the 5th position among the top 5 most in-demand skills for individuals wanting to be an HR Coordinator. All of these 5 skills are important irrespective of the location, sector, or even the seniority of the HR Coordinator. Hence their presence in this graph is not surprising. 

Job Types for HR Coordinators

Job types for HR Coordinators are mostly spread across entry and mid-level whereas senior positions make up only 1-2% of the pie. Entry-level jobs make up around 40% of the jobs whereas mid-level jobs add up to almost the rest of the 60% of the positions.

hr coordinator seniority level
Fig: HR Coordinator Jobs based on seniority, Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

Among the jobs we mined, most were full-time, although a substantial number of jobs were also undefined. These jobs do not have their job type specifically mentioned in the description. These could be part-time positions that could lead to full-time opportunities or even positions where the outcome may be determined based on the type of candidates that attend the job interview.

hr coordinator job type
Fig: HR Coordinator Jobs (Full time vs the rest), Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

Volunteer positions or internships are nonexistent but there are some part-time and contractual jobs as well. Internships or volunteering positions are absent since HR Coordinators play a vital part in companies and these may require individuals with considerable skin in the game. 

The USA and HR Coordinator Jobs

In recent times, we have seen multiple big organizations being sued for not following labor laws or discriminating against employees. We are also in the middle of “The Great Resignation”. HR Coordinators are vital in helping companies stick to the laws of the land so that they do not get into legal troubles. They also help employees upskill themselves, provide them better benefits and help them with their salary restructuring if required. All this helps increase retention numbers. The overall impact of the HR coordinator is felt at an organizational level when employees feel at ease while working at a company. 

In the US, HR Coordinators do help in hiring majorly but are also in charge of the human resources of a company. Since they deal majorly with people, a lot of companies have renamed the HR department to “People’s Office” or “People Ops”. Leadership positions are getting created such as CPO- Chief People’s Officer. All this effort is being put in to create a healthy and welcoming working environment which in turn would boost productivity and employee morale. 

A lot of the work that HR coordinators used to do earlier is being taken over by machines. Applicant Tracking System is the most common one. However these tools cannot work by themselves, and instead, they make the work of the HR Coordinator easier by taking over the mundane, repetitive, or memory-intensive work. This helps the HR Coordinator deal with the main thing they need to be focusing on– the people.

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