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Inside the Hiring Trends of the Tech Industry in October 2023

Tech Industry

As the tech industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, understanding the hiring trends is paramount for businesses and professionals alike. Through comprehensive data analysis from across the globe using the JobsPikr App, we’ve uncovered valuable insights that shed light on the current landscape of the tech job market.

Job Openings across the Globe: 753K Opportunities Await

The tech industry remains a hub of opportunity, with a staggering 753,000 job openings posted across 92 platforms. This figure underscores the growth and persistent demand for skilled professionals in various tech domains. With numerous avenues available, professionals have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of career paths, making it an exciting time to be a part of this dynamic sector.

Tech Industry

Remote Job Openings: The New Normal

In tandem with the evolving work landscape, the demand for remote work in the tech industry has surged, with 66,300 remote job openings available globally. This shift towards remote opportunities highlights the adaptability of the tech sector, embracing flexible work arrangements to accommodate the changing preferences of the workforce.

Median Salary: A Competitive Edge

The tech industry boasts a notable median salary of $51,000 for professionals. This appealing remuneration not only underscores the industry’s acknowledgment of skilled expertise but also symbolizes the financial benefits associated with pursuing a career in the field of technology. With the potential for career growth and competitive remuneration, the tech industry continues to be an enticing option for professionals worldwide.

Global Tech Hubs: From Bangalore to Melbourne

Tech hubs around the globe, such as Bangalore, Sydney, Melbourne, Baden, and Pune, have emerged as primary destinations for tech enthusiasts. These locations boast vibrant tech ecosystems, fostering innovation and collaboration among industry professionals. With the presence of diverse opportunities and a supportive environment, these hubs continue to attract top-tier talent and innovative businesses.

Tech Industry

In-Demand Skills: The Perfect Mix

The tech industry places high importance on a balance of soft and hard skills. Recognizing the skills in demand can help job seekers tailor their profiles to stand out.

a) Soft Skills (Management, Operations, Leadership)

b) Hard Skills (Customer Service, SQL, Computer Science)

Tech Industry

Seniority Level: Opening Doors for Entry-Level, Mid-Level, and Executive Professionals

The tech sector provides a range of prospects for individuals at various points in their professional journeys. It accommodates a wide spectrum of experience levels, with an ample supply of positions available for entry-level, mid-level, and executive roles. With 495,280 entry-level, 229,769 mid-level, and 9,906 executive-level job openings, professionals can find roles that match their expertise and experience, fostering continuous growth and progression within the industry.

Tech Industry

Education Level: Varied Paths to Success

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the tech industry, with job openings requiring various educational backgrounds. From bachelor’s and master’s degrees to high school diplomas and even PhDs, the sector values diverse educational achievements, encouraging professionals to pursue continuous learning and academic excellence.

Tech Industry

Top Companies Hiring: Leaders in the Field

Several leading companies, including Workforce Australia, Orizon, BairesDev, Azaé, and Kolibri Consulting, are actively contributing to the growth and development of the tech industry. Their significant presence in the job market underscores their commitment to fostering innovation, providing opportunities for professionals, and driving the industry forward.

Job Titles in Demand: Addressing the Varied Needs of the Tech Industry

The demand for specific job titles such as Software Developers, Computer & Information System Managers, Marketing Managers, Computer User Support Specialists, and Sales Managers highlights the diverse requirements of the tech industry. Professionals equipped with the requisite skills and expertise in these roles are well-positioned to make a significant impact and drive meaningful progress within their respective domains.

Tech Industry


In October 2023, the tech sector is teeming with prospects for individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of experience. Whether you are an entry-level candidate, a seasoned executive, or someone aiming to make a career shift into tech, there’s a niche waiting for you in this ever-evolving and vibrant industry.

Stay ahead in the competitive tech recruitment landscape by teaming up with JobsPikr. Our extensive job data equips you with the crucial insights necessary to make well-informed hiring choices. Get in touch with us now to discover how our data solutions can assist you in navigating the continuously evolving tech industry. Seize the opportunity to access the abundance of opportunities it presents; don’t let it slip away.

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