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Job aggregator business software is to job boards what Google is to search engines. It uses bots to rummage the web for new job listings. If you are a job seeker you are more likely to use the services of job aggregator as they cater to your search intent. They are more likely to rightly determine which job fits your query in accordance with your search string. Conversely, when a search is conducted on a job board, you are more likely to invest your time in the barrage of postings which are not intended for you. According to the Job Board Doctor’s latest survey, nearly 50 percent of job seekers use job aggregators when looking for work.

To optimize the talent acquisition process and build a talent pipeline, it is not enough to just list openings. Sounds like job aggregators are the answer to all that plagues a talent acquisition company? And if it really is, how do you really set up a job aggregator business? How much bang can you really expect for your buck?

Starting a job aggregator site without the right job aggregation tools will nullify your effort. It is not enough to be a sub-par search engine and bombarding the user with allied information. It has to show the right data to the right user at the right time. 

Exhaustive Use Of Data By The Job Aggregator

The goal of a job aggregator website is to list every available job in the world on their site. If the job is not listed on your website, it shouldn’t exist. That is the competitive edge you need. That is the first step. To use job crawling tools that automatically search for job postings from various job boards and congregate it. This unfair advantage stems from high-end crawling tools. They can handle the gigantic volume of relevant data available on the world wide web. Millions of job listings can be scoured within minutes. Hence, it is paramount that you invest in the right tool.

That being said, these data gathering tools can be modified to make them highly selective. Remember, relevance is the catch-word for any successful content aggregator. Relevance and filtration. The job aggregator website should always be about quality and not quantity.

Which brings us to our next point. 

Quality Trumps Quantity

The one argument against even the best job aggregators are that they are all about quantity. While their counterpart, job boards, do a better of displaying authentic listings. Job boards act like a mediator of sort between employers who list directly on these boards and the aggregators which pick up this information across board and puts it all in one place. This is where the best aggregators fail quality. This is one opportunity where one can come in as a clutter breaker and not be deemed redundant. Our attention span is getting shorter by the day. You don’t want to lose your audience in the first thirty seconds due to a plethora of options.  

Using premium job-based software solutions like JobsPikr allows you to do just that. A winning model strikes the delicate balance between a job seeker not missing out on any opportunity and a company hiring the best talent out there.

Navigable, Accessible, And Engaging

How many times have you been dissuaded from using a website because you couldn’t find what you were looking for instantly? How a user chooses to interact with your site is quintessential to decrease the bounce rate. A user’s movement should be fairly intuitive. Almost like a reflex.

A job aggregator has to act like a common denominator between all the job boards. What does that mean? It means displaying the entire brouhaha of information in a uniform and consolidated manner. No matter which format it has been picked up in. Different job boards have different interfaces. Consolidation is important not only on the data front but on the design front as well. The interface should not be intimidating given the gamut of information.

Clearly, manually tackling this seems like no mean feat. Luckily, you don’t have to- trust job feed services to do all the heavy lifting

Scalable For Job Aggregator

What good is any business model if it is not scalable? Upscaling a job aggregator business will only be possible if all of the aforementioned is taken care of. A rock-solid foundation peppered with meticulous research and execution is key. It is easy to get lost in the plethora of content aggregators out there. What will set you apart is how you choose to fill in the gaps we’ve mentioned. Investing in sophisticated third-party tools might seem like a daunting investment. But job aggregators are often the most cost-effective recruitment channel.

If somebody posts jobs on job aggregators, then they’re actually paying for the performance of that job on that particular job aggregator. How much bang can you expect from your buck, you ask again? A lot, we say.

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