Jobs Portals in the Artificially Intelligent Era

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Introduction To Jobs Portals:

Jobs Portals are nowadays using Artificial Intelligence to analyze and interpret the user behavior of its customers and clients. There is a huge rise in the trend using Artificial Intelligence in the modern technological era
There are a lot of ways there is an increase in the recruitment technology of companies Recruiters are looking for speed in their hiring process done to get the best candidate for the role as soon as possible before somebody else picks them up. Recruiters are working under high pressure and they need to get their targets achieved as soon as possible.

10 Trends in Jobs Portals Using AI Recruitment Technology:

While some of the trends are recent upgrades than concepts that are new. Each of the tools to source and engage the possible candidate prospects.

The following are the 10 top trends in Modern Day Technology:

1. Programmatic Job Advertising on Jobs Portals:

This method always takes the decision making out of humans. The algorithms of recruitment look at the market data and the employer’s historical data and track all the ad’s that have run by the organization. Predictive recruitment algorithms use market data and help the recruiters set up campaigns. That will enable them to get the best candidate at the earliest.
AI-driven technology makes enlightened placement and scheduling decisions for all the advertisements for the vacancies.

2. Augmented Writing:

This is the most important tool nowadays by all organizations. It is a tool for the elimination of job-ads bias. This helps in the search for an equal amount of candidates across the genders. The tool is known as the Gender Decoder and Textio are tools that study the content posted in the job-ad and the descriptions for the words and phrases suggest or state a preference.
Boost Linguistics is a tool that enhances responses to job content. It questions the recruiters of the emotion that he or she is trying to highlight. It also conveys the intended message.

3. Chatbots:

Interview chatbots are something that is being tested by various organizations across the world. It uses the NLP(Natural Language Protocol) method to achieve a perfect interview. It includes a bunch of various marketing tools like calls to action, prompts within the job applications and mobile-enabled chatbot.
Talk Push engages with applicants in a human-like sounding text conversation. It also collects their audio responses, pictures, videos and documents that they upload. The chatbot acts like a stand-in for a human interviewer and gives feedback to the recruiting teams after the interview. This process helps the recruiters to choose their candidates faster and increase the speed of the hiring process.

4. Recruitment Marketing Software:

This is a new strategy by recruiters. They advertise the job ads necessary for the roles that are vacant and they in turn reel in a candidate suited for the job role.

5. Resume Screening Software:

Recruiters spend close to 23 hours on average screening resumes for the vacant positions. Even then there is no guarantee that they will choose the right candidate for the role. AI has helped decrease the amount of time that is being used by the recruiters to close in on the right candidates for the positions as possible.

6. Talent Rediscovery Software:

Restless Bandit’s talent rediscovery software has helped recruiters across the globe to engage with candidates and screen them regularly. They also have had the time to screen and select a suitable candidate in an efficient manner.


7. Gig Mobile Apps:

Apps such as Wonolo, Bellhops and Figure Eight are quick, cost-efficient and are a pair on demand which works with the employers and clients.

8. Job Aggregators:

Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, and Indeed are providers of job listings and ads for jobs that various companies list their vacancies publically to get a suitable candidate for the open position.

9. Recruitment CRM:

Candidate Relationship Management platforms are a crucial part of recruitment efforts made by the companies to sustain a very healthy candidate-job satisfaction.
Gr8’s CRM includes an AI-driven recommendation engine that sources and matches candidates with positions and placements.

10. External Referrals:

Employee referrals are by far the best and most reliable form of job searching as employees tend to bring in their friends or family into the organization and in turn, gain an extra incentive from the company. This has been by far the best and most reliable method of job finding and it has been an easy task for the HR as well to select the candidate as possible.


AI is the next big thing and it has already started to make a lot of changes in the way organizations recruit candidates. PromptCloud also has used this type of similar process to get a proper pool of talent. Jobspikr is one of the trusted jobs portal engines with data of jobs across the globe. 


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