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There’s an increasing demand for jobs related data across the domains. So,  we introduced a SaaS tool called JobsPikr to help organizations understand the local labor market. Using labor insights, you can easily make informed decisions for better workforce planning and minimizing the talent gap. We cover employment dynamics based on industries, job roles, regions, job skills, job type, compensation, and more. Where our product scans over 70K sources daily to collect and process 1 million+ job listings in our ready-to-use database.

Business leaders tend to stay one step ahead of the volatile markets, like predicting the future workforce requirements at large. Rosemary Haefner, the Chief Resources Officer at CareerBuilder says, “Knowing the talent in your local labor market helps organizations to track important skills and monitor the supply and demand for such skills in the economy at large.” 

The long-established and conventional workforce planning approach no longer applies in today’s modern business environment because of rapidly changing skills and roles in the talent marketplace. Therefore, having up-to-date, reliable, and detailed labor market insights is the need of the hour.

Introducing JobsPikr features:

  • Up-to-date insights on local labor market
  • Forecasting recruitment trends and employer needs
  • In-demand skills and jobs at your fingertips
  • Compare and review compensation structure
  • Explore future skills and job roles  
  • Discover trends in the local labor market.

Benefits of using Labor Market Analysis

Labor market analysis and Workforce planning are the two important factors for an organization’s recruitment and selection process. It helps in hiring candidates for in-demand skills and roles at a competitive compensation as per industry standards. This way, you increase the overall productivity of your organization and only hire competent employees.

How to use the insights derived from JobsPikr?

If you are wondering how to apply the key labor market insights to your workforce planning, we got you covered. Here is how you can utilize data from JobsPikr.

  • Fine-tune compensation packages and rearrange job positions: Once you have downloaded the salary structure of your competitor organizations, it’s time now to compare your departmental roles or adjust your employee’s compensation as per industry standards.
  • Consulting with the board of directors or top management: Make an appointment with the top management and discuss the future workforce needs based on the key insights such as in-demand roles, skills for which your competitors are hiring, and more.

Fierce Talent Competition Baffles Recruitment Process 

There is an exponential increase in talent demand for crucial high-priority roles in UK and US. As per JobsPikr data, 47% of all jobs posted by S&P 100 companies in 2021 were for only 28 roles. The most competitive job roles industry-wise are IT, R&D, Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing.

Job roles like Software Engineers, Marketing Managers, and Customer Support Executives are in high demand across US and UK. The skills for these roles are solution selling, ML, AI, and Data Analytics.

With emerging technologies, businesses are constantly competing for the same talent in most industries. Job roles and top skills also evolve with technology, thus industry leaders can’t accurately forecast their future talent requirements precisely. 

So, what’s the solution to this problem? Let’s find out.

Talent Intelligence Tool for Data-Driven Insights

JobsPikr is a talent intelligent tool that provides labor market insights at your fingertips. 

Having these insights will help your organization to unwrap new talent sources, and define your workforce strategy to drive business-oriented results. You also get to know which job roles need to be filled by hiring external candidates and should you look for internal job openings to fill particular vacant roles.

Labor Market Analysis: Using the Right Approach

In short, having access to the labor market information will give you an edge over your competitors. JobsPikr will provide you with real-time information regarding salary, job roles, and titles.

Businesses are more focused on enacting labor market information at every phase of the recruitment process to find out the new job skills and roles. JobsPikr is your go-to talent intelligence tool to assess all the local labor market information for better workforce planning. The overall goal is to minimize the talent gap, forecast your workforce planning, and simply respond to foreseen shortages in the labor market.

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