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Power Dressing Benefits For The Next Generation

Power Dressing benefits

Dress code; the dos and don’ts of workplace dress code has reversed in the decade. While more than half of the  global workplaces are following the formal dress code, the new age companies and start-ups have a more relaed approach. Today, we have CEOs of the big billion digital empires having press conferences in plain tees! The lines of power dressing has blurred, yet there are unspoken rules on what and what not to wear. Let’s explore Power Dressing Benefits.

Power Dressing Benefits

Power dressing is all about smart dressing, and only smart dressing. Well, the right dressing helps you create the first impression and can even get you ahead in work. It is the window to your personality and contributes towards how others (external or colleagues) perceive you. The corporate dress codes are categorized into 4 groups: Business Professional, Business Formal, Business Casual, and then at last Casuals. Here I’m listing a few of the power dressing tips for women and men:

1. Dress Suitably

When planning for ‘what to wear for work’ consider these three things company, your industry, and the work environment. People who work in law firms or financial institutes do need to dress more traditional compare to an individual who is working for a creative agency such as writers or artists. Generally, you will never go wrong on your choice to go with a beautifully pressed suit, but there is no denying that it’s not fit for a creative industry. If your job profile doesn’t require you to meet clients, then also you should dress appropriately to make an impression amongst your team.

2. Dress As If You Care

For instance, even if your workplace doesn’t have any strict rules for the dress code, you should always portrait approachability. If your company is open to casual dressing, make sure that your weekend casuals are not your company casuals. Pyjamas can make an interesting airport look, but are complete no-no for office.

3. Power Dressing Benefits – Dress for The Occasion

It’ important to understand the purpose of your outfit. Beach wears are only for the beaches, formal outfits can be for both at the formal gatherings or the weddings. Don’t carry them as to make it a substitute. While going on a company trip or attending a formal gathering, know the meeting agenda in advance; and dress for the occasion.

4. Be Well-Groomed

Always make it a mandatory point to be well-groomed, whether it’s a casual or business dress code. Cleanliness goes a long way. Keep your nails clean, hair neat and combed. Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes. Clothing with inappropriate or offensive terms or words written on your shirt or t-shirt, is not at all suitable to a work environment. To generalize, don’t be a homeless magician.

5. Maintain Your Style

Whatever is your style statement, be consistent. You know what suits you, do not try to experiment way out of your comfort zone. Are you a traditional person or modern dresser? Trendy or all-time? Vibrant colors or pastel shades?  Whatever your style is, carry it with elegance and stick to it. Embrace your personality, do not try hard to dress up as someone else.

6. Power Dressing Benefits – Know The Importance of Fit

When you are dressing for work, always stick to the right fit. It is the thumb rule of buying new clothes. Always remember, the costliest suit out there will not look good on you if it does not fit you well. A perfect fit cloth would blend in smoothly and draw attention to portions you like to highlight, as your neck, shoulders, or face. Simultaneously, it should not draw attention to the parts which you like to hide. Consult with a tailor if required to find out your measurements of your body.

7. Avoid Exposing Too Much Skin

A lower neckline can draw attention, especially if you are a woman. Apart from the fact that it is inappropriate, it also distracts the business environment. Studies have revealed that showing skin in the work environment has a psychological impact on colleagues. Women who dress in this manner are wrongly perceived as being less competent. Females who dress more competently get an appraisal compared to those who do not.

8. Have confidence in Your Power Dressing

Confidence and smile can make all the difference in your power dressing. A simple dress, worn with confidence will always create a stronger impression than an expensive suit on a timid person. 

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