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JobsPikr Features – Gets Improved UX, New Job Boards and More

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JobsPikr has been going through rapid development on the functionality as well as user experience fronts. It was in December 2017 that we added job boards as a data source in JobsPikr and this has lead to a significant adoption by our clients. As part of our ongoing product improvement activities, we have made a some serious user experience improvements on the JobsPikr features or app which would make the flow easier for our users. Let’s take a quick look at the new changes.

Latest JobsPikr Tool Updates

JobsPikr Features – Guided tour for ease of use

Being a tool primarily focused at the business users, we’ve been striving to make the site selection process simpler  and to that end, we have made many changes in the user interface after carefully evaluating the feedback.

JobsPikr now comes with a guided tour that starts right from the moment you sign up to help you understand the different options, features and help make the subscription process faster, easier and smoother.

JobsPikr Features – Plan summary page for easy review

Once you are done ‘piking’ the sites you want, the site selection wizard will take you to a plan summary page where you can see a breakdown of the company sites and job boards you have selected, the total pricing and your billing cycle. If everything looks good, you can proceed or hit the ‘back’ button to go back and make changes.

JobsPikr Features – Easy 3-step flow

Subscribing to different sites on JobsPikr is an easy 3-step process which is illustrated on the top of the page with a band. All you have to do is pick sites, review your subscription and subscribe by paying. We have incorporated many more user interface changes that can add up to make for a great user experience.

JobsPikr Features – New job boards added

Being a one-stop tool for job data requirements, we are committed to keep adding new source sites to JobsPikr. We are excited to say that we have added new job boards and company sites to the list, so you can start receiving data from even more sources now.

Got suggestions?

The valuable feedback received from our early adopters and customers have been crucial in helping us make JobsPikr a truly exceptional product for acquiring job data. We welcome more suggestions, feedback and opinions on the new and more refined version of JobsPikr as we gear up for the next update with more exciting feature additions.

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