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Job boards help connect job seekers with employers, and that’s just the basic operational model of a typical job board site. If you dig deeper, you’d find that the world of niche job boards is a lot more diverse and vast than that. For starters, there are job portals that get a little innovative in the way they connect employers and job seekers. Hired is one such creative job board that deviates from the conventional model by putting candidates up for bid. Employers compete to win the attention of the candidates and once a deal is struck, the regular interview process follows.

That was just an example of an innovative job board. To illustrate the bigger picture, we decided to compile an exhaustive list of niche boards that cater to various niche jobs, work on different models and range from small to large size. Let’s get started with a list of top 50 niche job boards:

Top Niche Job Boards

Tech and Coding

  1. Crunch Board

Crunch Board is the official job board of TechCrunch, the leading blog on tech and startup culture.

  1. GitHub–

GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service. The huge popularity of GitHub makes its job board an ideal option for job seekers.

  1. iCrunchData–

This advanced job board makes use of the latest AI technologies to help employers in securing high-quality tech talent.

  1. Stack Overflow–

Almost every developer relies on Stack Overflow to find solutions to the coding problems they face on a daily basis, and this is exactly what makes Stack Overflow job board the best place to find talented developers.


  1. Talent Zoo–

TalentZoo is a niche job board for advertising, marketing, creative and design professionals.

  1. Freshgigs–

Freshgigs is a Canadian job site where you can find marketing, communications and creative Jobs. The talent you find on Freshgigs is pre-screened, so you can be assured about the quality of the professionals.

  1. Public Relations Society of America–

The Public Relations Society of America is a nonprofit trade association for public relations professionals. It is headquartered in New York City and is one of the best places to find marketing professionals in the USA.


  1. All Retail Jobs–

AllRetailJobs is the largest job marketplace for the retail industry, featuring corporate, store management and hourly positions.

  1. Job-Lux –

JobLux is a niche social network where luxury brands professionals can find job opportunities, industry news and networking tools to help them land the right jobs.

  1. Careers in Grocery –

Careers in Grocery brings together hundreds of thousands of employment openings from the leading supermarket and grocery store employers across the world.


  1. Coroflot–

Coroflot is the best place to find creative talent if you are a design-driven company looking to stand out in your space with a unique design.

  1. Job Edge–

Jobedge is a Canadian job board site dedicated to helping designers and creative professionals like graphic designers, UI designers, etc land their dream jobs.

  1. Creative Heads–

Creative Heads is a niche job board focused on video game, animation, VFX and software technology jobs.

Finance and Banking

  1. efinancialcareers –

If you’re looking for banking career opportunities or looking to hire banking professionals, is a job board you can rely upon.

  1. Financial Job Bank –

FinancialJobBank is one of the leading job boards where you can easily search and find a career in the finance industry.

  1. AccountingJobsToday  –

Accounting Jobs Today helps employers reach thousands of relevant and targeted finance and accounting professionals.

  1. Jobs4Actuary – is one of the top search engines for actuarial job opportunities worldwide.


  1. Healthcare Jobsite–

Healthcare Jobsite is a dedicated job portal that connects doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical professionals.

  1. Health Staff –

Healthstaff is more than just a healthcare industry job board; it helps employers and health professionals through every step of the recruitment process like immigration, licensure and relocation.

  1. Travel Nursing – is a career portal for nurses who are seeking travelling opportunities in addition to a great career in the healthcare industry.

  1. Health Career Seeker –

Health Career Seeker helps connect healthcare employers and top talent in all disciplines through its online job board network.

  1. Medzilla–

Medzilla is the best place to find a career in Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine or healthcare science.


  1. Philanthropy – is one of the authority sites in this niche job boards with news, resources and data on non-profit foundations and projects. You can use the job board to find a non-profit job opportunity in your region.

  1. Dot.Org.Jobs –

Dot.Org.Jobs is a niche job board where you can find volunteers for philanthropic work or opportunities to work in a non-profit project.

  1. Philanthropy News Digest–

Owing to its popularity as a philanthropy magazine, PhilanthropyNewsDigest makes for a great niche job boards where you can find job opportunities in nonprofit organizations.


  1. Jobs in Logistics– is one of the largest logistics job board specializing in career opportunities in logistics, supply chain, distribution, warehousing, transportation and manufacturing.

  1. Jobs in Trucks–

This job board site is dedicated to driver jobs, operator jobs, and trucking careers across USA and Canada.

  1. Supply Chain Management Association –

The supply chain management association of Canada maintains this job board which lists job opportunities in transportation, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain.


  1. Jobs in Manufacturing–

This job board specializes in manufacturing careers with jobs listed from over 50 manufacturing subcategories.

  1.– is one of the leading job boards for careers in the manufacturing and production sector.

  1. Blue Collar Jobs– is a great resource for job opportunities in industrial manufacturing and construction including welders, electricians, machinists, CNC programmers and maintenance jobs.


  1. U.S. Trades LLC–

U.S. Trades LLC is a career portal that offers a pool of electrical and mechanical craftsmen, pre-screened for ability, experience, and reliability.

  1. Red Seal Recruiting –

Red Seal recruiting matches the right people with skilled trades manager jobs from Canada. They have an exhaustive array of opportunities and a pool of skilled talent.  

  1. CH2M Hill Careers–

CH2M hill careers is a job portal specializing in heavy infrastructure manufacturing careers.


  1. Society for Conservation Biology–

The Society for Conservation Biology is a community of conservation professionals dedicated to utilizing the advancements of science for the conservation of the environment. If you love working for a cause, their job board is the place to go.

  1. ConservationJobBoad –

This job board lets you search the newest ecology internships, jobs and graduate positions to kickstart your career as an ecologist.

  1. ESA –

This job board, which is run by the Ecological Society of America helps you find job openings in the field of ecology.


  1. Two Lingos –

TwoLingos is an online job portal for translation companies and translators.

  1. LocalJobApplications –

This job board specializes in entry-level bilingual jobs that involve simple translation tasks.

Security Clearance

  1. Clearance Jobs– helps you find a security clearance job in cybersecurity, aerospace, logistics, geospatial, engineering and more.

Sales Niche Job Boards

  1. Sales Gravy –

SalesGravy is a popular platform that connects thought leaders, job seekers and employers from the competitive world of sales. SalesGravy job board is a great place to find job opportunities in sales.

  1. Sales Heads –

SalesHeads is a dedicated job board site for sales professionals. It has a pool of talented candidates and great job opportunities to choose from.

  1. Medical Reps– is a career job board offering jobs from more than 300+ employment sites and medical associations.

Math Niche Job Boards

  1. Math Classifieds –

MathClassifieds is run by the Mathematical Association of America and offers top career opportunities in Mathematics.

  1. Math –

MathJobs is operated by American Mathematical Society and is a recruitment portal for mathematical institutions worldwide.

Science Job Boards

  1. Space Jobs–

SpaceJobs opens up the exciting world of opportunities from the space industry with their easy to use the job search engine.

  1. Space Careers –

Space-Careers is one of the largest job bulletin boards for the space sector with thousands of job opportunities to choose from.

  1. New Scientist Jobs –

New Scientist Jobs is more than just a job board, it offers career advice and actionable courses along with the best science and technology jobs.

  1. Physics & Astronomy Online–

Physics & Astronomy Online brings interesting news and articles on physics along with their job portal where you can find jobs in physics, engineering and astronomy.

50. Nasa Jobs –

This job board maintained by Nasa wouldn’t need much of an introduction.  However, this is the space to watch if you’re looking to work with Nasa.

Niche Job Boards – What’s Ahead?

While the mainstream job boards are more than sufficient for freshers who are looking for their first job or someone looking for a career change, these best 50 niche job boards help professionals who are looking to level up their careers by identifying the best opportunities in their respective industry. 

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