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What’s the Impact of AI on Job Boards and How to Perceive it?

Impact of AI on job boards

Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that is rapidly growing in every kind of field. From smart appliances available to us in our daily lives to advanced mechanisms like supercomputers and even in the gaming industry AI is actively used. The impact of AI on job boards is equally massive – you can receive and send important data within a matter of seconds, you are able to analyze a candidate’s pros and cons on the fly, and so much more. And that’s just a part of it. It is safe to say that AI might have changed the recruitment methods all over for good.

Raising the Bar for Job Boards

There are many ways AI has impacted job boards in a productive manner. It has opened up different and never before seen options for both the recruiters as well as the candidates. Here are some of the ways it has raised the bar on recruitment standards:

  • Quicker initial interview

It is extremely common to see a number of applications for a single job proposition. It can be time-consuming to go through each and every applicant’s resume and pluck out the one suited perfectly to your needs. AI programs make your job easier as they can conduct virtual interviews and make quick decisions to filter out potential candidates for you. Before an HR manager, candidates will get interviewed by an AI program. Only after passing this step, they are faced by actual recruiters. This is a pretty fast way of shortlisting candidates as the AI programs can also go through the candidates’ CV and history to verify employment and/or experience. It saves the recruiters a lot of effort and most importantly, time.

  • Better candidate experience

Recruitment teams consist of humans, and humans definitely need a break from time to time. But an AI program does not. AI programs such as chatbots which have a vast amount of information stored in them can be available for candidates 24×7. Be it a holiday afternoon or even midnight, it is always there ready at the candidate’s service. And when that’s the case, a candidate can be guided through the recruitment process more efficiently as they get an immediate response anytime they want. 

Moreover, humans are more vulnerable to making mistakes compared to high-tech AI software. For example, if a candidate is due to get a call at 11:30 a.m, AI software won’t delay it by even a second (considering you set it accordingly). Whereas a recruiter can definitely be caught up in other matters and show up late, ultimately hampering the idea of a positive candidate experience

  • Extends your limits

AI programs can potentially help out hiring teams to reach out, attract and recruit more and different types of candidates for their company from all over the globe through machine learning applications. This can increase diversity in your organization and also remove any kind of possible bias. And recruitment should avoid any kind of bias to cloud our judgment, especially when looking for the perfect candidate. These AI programs can also predict the chances of a candidate thriving in the role they are assigned, allowing recruiters to make data-driven decisions instead of relying on instinct and experience.

Drawbacks of using AI programs on Jobs Boards

Everything has its cons in this world. So does AI. Following are some of the downsides of AI programs on job boards.

  • Can’t accurately detect human behavior

An AI program cannot fully comprehend human nature because after all, it cannot understand human feelings. These programs can mistake nervous or anxious body language as cheating. This is something only an experienced recruiter can understand. Human feelings are something only other humans can understand which is irreplaceable with any kind of software as of now.

  • Replacing candidates and reducing employment

Nobody in their right mind will hire a candidate when that job can be done by software. It is worth spending more money on software just once than it is to pay an employee whose paycheck will eventually exceed the money you spent on the software. And there are AI programs that can practically run a portion of the work themselves. This is the reason there is a large decrease in employment percentage since the introduction of AI in job recruitment.

  • Too much dependency on AI

With its arrival, artificial intelligence has made a grand entrance in every field. But people have started relying on it way more than they should. A lot of companies and recruiting teams do not double-check any decisions made by the AI programs. People do not understand that these programs are available to make your work easier and not completely take over your work. You must double check any data given or sent by the AI programs as well as take a glance at the spur-of-the-moment decisions it has made.

Final TakeAway: Impact of AI on Job Boards

Artificial intelligence is showing its presence in the recruitment industry in a mighty fashion. There are already some outstanding AI-driven applications out there and they are likely going to increase. Whether someone has a positive or negative view on that, it doesn’t matter much.  You should definitely consider using AI programs for your organization. it will free up your and your employees’  time to do more important things. 

JobsPikr also provides an AI-enabled labor market analytic tool that will help you ease into the flabbergasting events of change happening in job boards due to AI. The changes that AI has brought to the recruiting process have gradually increased the standard of how candidates find jobs and the way organizations manage their hiring. Our AI-driven recruitment insights tool is very easy to understand and operate. Having someone who can use it to its maximum potential on your recruitment team can prove to be a very strong strategy to stand out in today’s market. 

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