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Job Portal is revolutionizing the recruitment industry is fragmented be it any part in the world and the reason for that is the recruiters want to find the best matching candidates no matter where they are. Thus, the recruiters go ahead with posting jobs on various sites. Similarly, even the candidates use the most common ways today’s in the market to uncover employment opportunities is through online searches and they want to find the right jobs this suits their criteria regardless of which job boards they are present in. Here’s a list of best job portals worldwide to help you make the right decision.

With time the job market evolved making it difficult for both candidates and employers to reach towards one another. Thus, then came the entry of portals which were more niche and organized. That’s the reason here we have listed best Job Portal based on their category. There are various best job portal out there, as well as apps, aggregators, social media channels, networking groups, and staffing company websites to choose from. They provide plenty of listings. The bad news? You can easily be overwhelmed by all the options. Thus here we are listing only best job postal operating worldwide.

Website Category of Best Job Portal

  1. Pure Play- Traditional job boards that list jobs posted directly by recruiters. Some of the top ones are, TimesJobs,, Monster India, CareerBuilder India, etc.
  2. Social NetworkGood for passive candidates. There is no competitor for LinkedIn at the moment but Facebook is also working in this direction.
  3. Managerial Jobs- These sites focus only on high-level management jobs. Ex:,, and
  4. Competition Based Job Sites- These websites pose competition/ challenges for candidates and make the results available to companies. Ex: HackerRank, HackerEarth, and CodeFights
  5. Niche Sites- These are based on specific skills or domains. Ex: AngelList focuses on startups, Hasjob, Stackoverflow Jobs, and TechGig focus on technical jobs.
  6. Internship- Sites like Internshala and Letsintern focus only on internships. Other than these even LinkedIn started the internship program in a tie with corporates in the form of LinkedIn-MTV Get a Job
  7. Job Aggregators- The aggregators are job search engines. They crawl jobs posted on other boards and portals, company websites and recruitment sites that are available. The advantage of such sites is that they have better coverage. Ex: Indeed, Simply Hired,, Google for Jobs, Glassdoor, etc.


Sometimes a recruiter, researcher, data analyst, career consulting firm, job aggregators, etc. come across a very different requirement such as Data for fueling job aggregator site, Analyze the job trends and market and track your competition. Even in such a scenario, the best job portal comes to rescue but extracting data from so many sites and them compiling them to analyze is both hectic and complex to do. Thus in such a situation most people/ companies go ahead with job scraping software

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