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Most in-demand Business Analyst Technical Skills 2022

business analyst technical skills

Overview of Business Analyst Technical Skills 

As businesses strive to remain competitive in today’s constantly changing economy, the role of the business analyst is becoming increasingly important. In order to be successful, business analysts must have a strong technical skillset that allows them to understand complex data and systems. 

In this blog post, JobsPikr will help you take a look at some of the top business analyst technical skills that are trending right now. So if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, read on!

What are Business Analyst Technical Skills in Detail?

Business analyst technical skills are the skills that business analysts who work in highly technical environments need to know to do their job well. Generally, business analysts will work with business applications where the business problems they are solving take center stage and the details of the business process or solution (the application) take second place. There is a high degree of business process change (such as an organization implementing business process automation via business process management software). Business analyst technical skills are pretty much required.

Generally speaking, business analysts’ technical skills help business users understand whether a business process is working as it should, and if not, what the problems with it are. A business user can talk about a business problem or need they have without knowing how the business process works because they rely on business analysts who will check the business process to make sure it is working correctly.

Business analysts’ skills are used when they need to know how a business process works to check whether it is working as it should be. They use their business analyst technical skills to understand the working process. 

Business Analyst Technical Skills Trend Analysis 2022

The role of a business analyst is gaining popularity in the market and with increased demand, experience and knowledge are also important for a business analyst.

A good business analyst needs to have the ability to work on multiple levels and different stages of an application in order to analyze and communicate effectively with all involved parties (customers, development team, company management).

Business Analysts are also experienced in the business domain, processes, and information systems. A business analyst understands the big picture of how all these areas come together to form an effective system that serves the needs of every client, with every product or service that is offered by a company. Being able to understand these different elements means working on different levels of technical skills, with some specific for each area.  

As listed by JobsPikr, the best jobs data supplier, here are the top 10 business analyst technical skills.

  1. Analytical Skills 

Business analyst skills come in handy when business analysts need to work on projects, especially big business analysis projects. The business analyst should possess strong analytical skills so that he can scrutinize all business requirements thoroughly and provide excellent deliverables. Analyzing business needs is one of the primary tasks which every business analyst needs to perform, and having excellent business analysis skills is a must.

  1. Communication Skills 

Almost every business analyst job requires business analysts to interact with business users on a regular basis. Thus business analysts should be good communicators with the ability to communicate clearly across diverse stakeholder groups like business managers, product managers, developers, business owners, etc. He or she must possess excellent communication skills in order to interact with business users effectively and deliver business analysis projects on time.

  1. Ability to Work Independently 

Every business analyst should possess business analyst skills that will help him/her work independently on business analysis projects without any supervision. He/She should be able to work independently on business analysis projects by identifying business needs, business requirements, defining business rules, etc.

  1. Ability to Work in a Team 

Almost every business analyst job requires working with other members of the team like business users, senior business analysts, product managers, business owners, etc. Thus excellent communication and analysis skills are essential for business analysts.

  1. Interpersonal Skills 

Interpersonal business analyst skills enable business analysts to work effectively with all members of the team. Thus these business analysis skills come in handy. For example, business analysts should possess good analytical, communication, and business analysis skills so that they can interact with business stakeholders effectively.

  1. Time management skills 

Almost every business analyst job requires business analysts to work within a specified time frame and produce business analysis deliverables in a limited timeframe. Thus he or she must have good business analysis skills that include time management skills so that they can complete the projects on time without compromising on the quality of deliverables.

  1. Data collections skills

Business analyst technical skills include gathering business requirements using various tools, preparing a good data collection plan for a business project, organizing business requirements, preparing proper documentation, etc. So, they must have excellent skills in order to gather business requirements from business users and stakeholders effectively.

  1. Knowledge of the business domain

Business analyst technical skills come in handy when you need to work on projects related to specific domains like banking, education, healthcare, etc. If you have the knowledge related to specific domains like banking, education, healthcare, it is easy to understand the business needs of users in their respective domains and prepare business analysis deliverables.

  1. Documentation

The business analyst profession is very detail-oriented and business analysts need to document every aspect of the business. This includes creating business process flows, business rules, data models, and more. Business analysts with strong documentation skills are likely going to be most successful in this field.

  1. Persuasion

Strong business analysis technical skills are important but you must also be able to present business information and ideas in a manner that is understandable. Business analysts need to be able to persuade business owners on new business processes, data models and more. With strong persuasion skills, business analysts can push the stakeholders to make business decisions for the future growth of the company.


In order to stay ahead of the curve in business analyst technical skills, it is important to be aware of what will be trending in 2022 and beyond. By being cognizant of these changes, you can start planning and preparing for the future now.

Are there any specific business analyst skills that you would like to focus on developing? Or maybe there are some areas we haven’t covered in this article that you would like us to explore further. Let us know! We love hearing from our readers and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

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