Will Google Hire take on LinkedIn in the Near Future?

google hire vs linkedin

Google certainly has no plans to stop experimenting despite repeatedly failing to succeed in certain areas like social media. Google launched Orkut when social media was on the rise but quickly lost it to Facebook. Although they made a second attempt with Google+, it’s safe to say that the platform still doesn’t have the same reach that Facebook enjoys. Although Google’s past with social media doesn’t show anything substantial, they have recently unveiled details of a new platform called “Hire” popular as “Google Hire”- A job site which is most likely to become a contender for LinkedIn. Let analyze Google hire vs Linkedin.

According to a Google spokesperson, Hire will help Google suite users manage and simplify their hiring process. The platform will enable employers to collect candidate applications online, which is pretty much what LinkedIn and other popular job boards like Indeed and Monster have been doing all this while. There are high chances for Hire to take off considering the shortcomings of LinkedIn – the current leader in professional networking. Will Hire be different from Google’s social media experiments?

What’s Google Hire?

Google hire vs Linkedin – Despite the announcement, there isn’t much information available on the details of the upcoming platform. Although the site exists, it’s not possible to sign up. From what we’ve heard, Hire will function as a lot like a regular job site, enabling companies to post job listings so that job seeker can search and find their next job. Here is a sneak peek of the candidate’s side of the solution, taken from the links present on Bebop’s (an early-stage startup acquired by Google in 2015) website.

It also seems that the service would come with the added benefit of working from within the Google ecosystem, something which a big majority of businesses and candidates are accustomed to already. This will certainly make the process of finding and applying for jobs easier for the users. The user-friendliness of Google products can also be something LinkedIn would want to watch out for, considering the unintuitive UI that LinkedIn currently sports.

There were some posts suggesting that Google might share users’ search history with the employers, followed by the public announcement of Hire. However, Google has dismissed this claim which had even appeared on reputed sites like the Dailymail and there doesn’t seem to be the cause for concern. Let’s compare Google hire vs Linkedin.

Google Hire vs Linkedin – What’s Wrong with Linkedln?

One of the biggest reasons to believe Google Hire could take off is the not so welcoming user interface of LinkedIn. Let’s accept it – LinkedIn is messy and awful to navigate, forget staying updated with what you follow on the network. The feed is unintuitive and doesn’t do the job for most of the part. Despite being one of the leading professional social networks out there, it still hasn’t fixed these issues, which can be counted as negligence, plus there aren’t many great alternatives either. Google could use this opportunity to leverage its all-new job platform. But they are not alone – Facebook introduced similar features to their brand pages recently. In a way, Google was just following suit with the Hire platform.

Would the War be Between Facebook and Google?

Facebook had recently started letting users apply for jobs directly through the platform, putting themselves in close competition with professional networks like LinkedIn. The company had mentioned that it’s trying to make it easier for businesses to recruit the right employees directly through their pages. Facebook is undoubtedly Google’s #1 competitor at the moment. With newer features, new services like Workplace targeted towards businesses and the free job posting option for page owners, the possibility of LinkedIn getting pushed out of its own market should not surprise us. The major war could soon be between Facebook and Google if the Hire platform indeed takes off.

Google Hire vs Linkedin – In Summary

Although the job site from the search giant is still a work in progress, Google Hire could very well be the job platform employers and job seekers have been waiting for. Considering Google’s past with social networks, whether or not Google Hire will end up taking the spot of LinkedIn to become the biggest jobs destination remains an open question. Differentiating itself from the current market leaders like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor must be Google’s prime focus with Hire. Could this be another failed experiment by Google like Orkut and Google+ or will Hire take off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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