Comparing Software Engineer Salaries in Big Four Tech Companies

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It goes without saying that software engineering is a highly technical job. Salaries widely vary depending on the experience, specific skills along with the ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical colleagues. In this study, we will analyze the software engineer salary data based on the job listings posted by companies on popular job boards.

This analysis only includes the big four companies — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google. The approach is very similar to our previous posts related to full stack developer jobs in Australia and skills found in machine learning job listings.

The Dataset

This dataset is sourced from job listings data extracted by JobsPikr. The JobsPikr search panel allowed us to narrow down to the exact job listings by specifying the United States as the location, job title as “software engineer”, company names, and availability of software engineer salary as a mandatory filter.

The big four tech companies that include Oracle, Google, Facebook, and Apple along with Amazon, eBay, and others make for the top technology companies that are currently working on cloud computing. These tech giants make up for more than 50% of the market capitalization. The usage of social media in the modern era has also increased the way people network and get to know more about the tech giants and use Google as the main search engine for any content that they are looking for. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple made the company into a giant starting out from a garage back in the day, the market capitalization has increased 2 folds for the same. Google and Amazon are going head to head to achieve AI superiority and they are fighting hard. Getting a job into these tech giants is extremely difficult but also it is easy to crack if you have the right determination and qualities that are needed for the same.

Also, note that these job listings cover the last six months, i.e., jobs posted from July 2019. Here is the screenshot of the JobsPikr search panel:

Visualizing Software Engineer Salary

Now it’s time for the most interesting part. For this analysis, wherever the data presented a salary range, we took the average. This essentially means if a job posting shows the salary range as $80k-$100k, the salary would be considered as $90k. Given below is that chart that shows the software engineer salaries in the above-mentioned big four tech companies:

As we can see, Google tops the chart with a $139k salary. Amazon and Apple offer the exact same compensation at $109k. Finally, Facebook offers $100k on average. In terms of location, we saw that the majority of the job openings are in Menlo Park. This is not surprising considering Facebook headquarters is located in this city and Google originated from here. Other key locations are Pittsburgh, Madison, Seattle, and Austin.

Looking at the job description we see that system engineering, mobile, data, machine learning, Android (thanks to Google), and Java are some of the frequently occurring terms.

Software Engineer Salary – In Conclusion

We found that Google offers the highest salary in the big four tech companies and most of the job openings are in Menlo Park.

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