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Graduate Recruitment Strategies to Boost Your Hiring Process

Graduate recruitment strategies

Innovative technologies, economic upheaval, and an increasing number of career-focused graduates have led to extensive reformation in the recruitment industry over the last few years. In recent times, there is high competition among skilled graduates. Therefore, skilled graduates have a huge demand among employers. 

Fresh graduates come with a diverse knowledge base and new skills. They train on technologies to strengthen their foothold in the IT market.

So, how do you find the most talented graduates for your company? Organizations use graduate recruitment strategies that may attract fresh graduates as they enter the job market. So, if you are an employer, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss here.

Kick It Up a Notch with Social Media

No prize for guessing that the present generation of graduates and future employees are very active on social media. It’s especially true if the graduate is looking to enter the field of technology. So, there is nothing better than tapping into the power of social media as your graduate student recruitment strategy.

But don’t just scour the candidate’s social media profile for the screening process. Improve your graduate recruitment strategy by engaging with students. It is an effective way to expand your organization’s profile with a younger audience.

Your prospective employee is on social media. And, if you do not yet have a social media account as one of your hiring tools, you are missing out on a lot.

Host live events on LinkedIn, post career-focused information on Instagram or Twitter, and join industry pages. But don’t do everything at once.

As you work on your social media presence, highlight your company’s new accomplishments. Get involved to target a wider pool of candidates. Your active social media presence will tell your candidates that you see the need for an online presence for the organization.

Catch Their Eye with a Competitive Package

College graduates are only starting their careers, and thus, they look for some benefits in the job. So, you need to show them the benefits the job with your company can offer. Make sure you offer a competitive package with the best benefits so that the graduates want nothing but to work with you. A few positions might not be ideal. In that case, emphasize the positive deals it brings to the table.

New graduates tend to be attracted by good wages, attractive perks, and a robust work-life balance. Even if you are not offering an attractive salary, let your candidates know about the flexibility that comes with the job and the scope to grow. New graduates are usually excited about starting their careers and are looking to advance quickly. So, showing the growth opportunities in your company can attract them to the job role.

Be in Cahoots with College Career Centers

Work with colleges and universities near you as this is one of the top graduate recruitment strategies used by companies. Find out the best institutions offering the top programs as per your industry. Once you do that, reach out to their career center. Another great way is to sponsor campus events focusing on the problems within the industry. Organizing a panel discussion will also help you scour the best graduates for your company.

When you work in tandem with the college career centers, you form a strong relationship with the faculty and the administration. So, when required, they can recommend their top graduates for your company.

Create an internship program by working with the career centers. It might seem counterintuitive to begin an internship program as you are searching for full-time employees. However, an internship program can help gauge the motivated students who can end up being the top performers for the organization. An internship program is going to be worth the investment once you start to retain the interns you were supported throughout the program.

Hold Personalization in Respect

When newly graduated students are looking for a job, one of the primary things they look for is a personal connection. If the potential candidates don’t see a face or name behind the company where they are applying for the job, they don’t feel connected to the organization, personally. So, as one of the graduate recruitment strategies, you have to focus on personalization. You can include a video of your company and the employees on the company website.

Through the video you can highlight the company’s work culture and teamwork. You can show them that it is not just about hard skills. With this strategy, you can attract graduates that will be team players.

Put up a personalized video for your new candidates. It tells them that you want to develop a personal connection with the team members and how it is crucial for your company.

How can JobsPikr Help Build Your Graduate Recruitment Strategies?

JobsPikr has been helping hundreds of companies develop their graduate recruitment strategies using talent intelligence. With our AI-enabled talent intelligence tool, you can discover labor market insights in no time.

Stay ahead of your competition by getting access to the top skills and job roles in your region. Look into the hiring trends of your competitors to improve your strategic workforce planning.

The data is collected from a wide range of sources across the world to derive insights. JobsPikr can identify the future skill gap requirements to help you understand the evolving job market in the industry.

Are Graduate Recruitment Strategies Here to Stay?

When hiring graduates for your company, both you and the graduates must be on the same page about the company culture and job expectations. With a strong graduate recruitment process, you can hire the right candidates for the job role. 

Connect with the ideal ca and tap into the collected data to analyze who is the best applicant and where they are graduating from. The strategy that works for your business depends on the unique requirements and the talent you plan on attracting. No matter what, top companies always work on data-driven recruitment and a talent intelligence tool helps them succeed in their recruitment strategy.

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