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How Does Taleo Software Work?

How Does Taleo Software Work

It is hard to believe that there was a time when finding job opportunities was limited to the newspapers that came every morning. One would spend hours scanning for the right job offer that suits their qualification. Today, the process is way easier, what with applicant tracking software like Taleo lets you apply for jobs anywhere on the planet.  If you are looking to know more about how does Taleo software works, you will get to know in this article.

What Is Taleo Software?

The most widely used Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Taleo, is the talk of the town, with more than 5000 companies making use of it in 180 countries. Oracle purchased Taleo in 2012, and today, it is not merely a tool that manages job applications. 

The software assists the HR team in building reports, managing communication with applicants, and much more. As a job applicant, it is essential to know how the software works.

Working Of Taleo Software

Taleo software uses a cloud-based model aided by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology to simplify the whole process of talent hunt for companies of all sizes. Starting with tracking the communications with applicants, the applicant tracking system finds the best candidates from the repository of candidates, creates reports, and walks with the HR team till the hiring is done.

But the work of Taleo does not end here. Once the hiring is done, the software offers solutions for performance management and training. Here is how Taleo works for organizations.

Automated Onboarding

The process of onboarding is streamlined by Taleo, which users in real-time can monitor. It keeps a check on the completed onboarding assignments and manages the data uploaded by the staff. New employees are trained to complete all paperwork before they start working with their new company.

How Does Taleo Software Work

The new employees are provided with all information required to understand the mission and vision of the company. This kind of automated onboarding done by Taleo makes the new joinees productive from day one. Once the paperwork is completed, they can join the office with a fresh mind to learn new things.

Learning Management Feature

Taleo software has learning management features that ensure the maximum development and engagement of new hires. Each new employee is given customized learning plans by their managers. This, together with the social learning options, completes their training. Once they are done with the training, the managers assess their new knowledge and track their education credits.  

Integration And Customization

Taleo software can be customized according to the needs of the businesses. The software has a large assortment of features, and not all companies would require all of it. Each company can choose the ones they need and make the software completely personalized. These features make the face of the business for the coming years.

The user interface of the software is highly interactive and easy to use. With remarkable consistency, Taleo has impressed hiring professionals, recruiters, and candidates alike. The reports, whether standard or custom-made, come out hassle-free. If needed, these can be integrated with other Oracle software or other HR software already existing in the company.

Easy Tracking

The applicant tracking software boosts the availability of employee referrals and social media influence to attract talented individuals to the organization and tracks candidate progression throughout hiring. The HR representatives get complete access to talent reports and the recruitment process making it feasible to up their recruiting endeavors in the future.

It is often a painful affair to keep track of employee candidates once they are included in the hiring process. As different candidates are at different hiring levels, it can get confusing if there is no proper system in place. Taleo makes employee candidate tracking a simple process.

Taleo has an employee database that records where the candidates stand in the hiring process and what levels are already done. This way, the hiring teams can have good communication, making the company’s overall impression great for the prospective employees.   

The ATS software is not limited to managing the recruitment process. It even helps connect current employees to open positions within a company. 

Advantages Of Using Taleo

  • Better Candidate Experience

Candidates for jobs find it a pleasant experience to work with Taleo. Since the software makes the whole hiring process transparent, they can check their current status on the tailored websites.

  • Better Performance

Taleo enables managers to access performance reviews and discuss goals with employees. This provides a way to assess their progress and give the right feedback. So the employees who require additional training or support for growth can be delivered the same without any delay.

  • Compatible With Mobile Phones

One of the essential requirements of ATS software is to be mobile phone compatible. As the applicants find smartphones handy to use, Taleo’s mobile application is a big hit.

  • Easy To Send Applications

Candidates can send their resumes through their LinkedIn profiles. They can choose whether or not to attach a cover letter with the resume. Taleo contains assessment questions to find out if the candidate is eligible for a particular job opening.

  • Simple Interface

The interface is straightforward to use, making the hiring process better for everyone involved, like the recruiters and candidates. The recruiters find the Fluid UX technology engaging, and this is found to improve the overall efficiency.

  • Faster Hiring

Using the software’s marketing and employee referral features, the hiring process from candidate search to finalizing candidates is made quicker than ever. The tool offers support at every step guiding the managers to move the candidates through each step without any hindrance.

Bottom Line: How Does Taleo Software Work

Industries across the globe vouch for this amazing ATS software called Taleo. Whether it is health care, education, finance, or any other industry, many organizations have resorted to this simple yet powerful tool to get the best possible results. 

With its effective recruitment, great integrations, and faster hires, it is going to expand its customer base shortly.

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