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Data acquisition is emerging as the preferred technique to gain valuable insights in the right way. Take the case of talent analytics in the HR function, for instance. It is eliminating the clutters of HR analytics for the better. JobsPikr is the ultimate example of a reliable data mining solution geared to add layers of value to your organization’s talent analytics needs.

Incorporating an algorithm for auto extraction, JobsPikr allows users to gain job listing data relevant to their industries and location. Industries such as software, healthcare, and telecommunication can obtain accurate job-related data based on sites, industry and a suitable subscription plan. The platform leverages AI and machine learning to collect this job data from their original sources.

Talent Analytics – How it works?

JobsPikr brings automation to web scraping via their algorithm. This solution identifies multiple variables associated with jobs and extracts data intelligently from listings. That too, without requiring any manual work.

It all starts with geographical targeting. JobsPikr creates bundles of data according to the desired geography. This way, a user gets to target multiple geographies when aggregating job data. Hence, a user belonging to a recruitment company can collect lists of job data, according to companies working in America or other locations.

JobsPikr is capable of handling all sizes of datasets when crawling. Hence, data flow is never a bottleneck. AI smartly identifies relevant points in the digital world and collects data smoothly. It all happens without manual maintenance, which means a user can get benefited from the data pipeline with very little monitoring.

Daily crawling is a part of JobsPikr’s responsibility. Hence, the Auto-extract algorithm keeps on working on finding new data.  Users can conveniently download this data according to their preferred format. It all keeps on happening all the time, which keeps you updated with the fresh job market in real-time.

Who should use JobsPikr?

The job data extraction capabilities of JobsPikr has a diverse usability range:

1. Job portals

For any job portal, it is essential to provide a wide range of job choices to engage candidates. Regular posting is a necessity you can’t deny in this industry. JobsPikr enables job portals to create a massive database with relevant job posting opportunities. Job listings get extracted on a daily basis, which can help a job portal to effectively beat the competition.

The value of a job board site depends solely on its ability to stay relevant and consistent. However, new sites don’t attain a broad network which limits the ability to gather job listings. As a result, candidates don’t get engaged with the job portal.

JobsPikr can help such sites with continuous job data extraction. It enhances business opportunities for job portals with efficiency, regularity, and quality regarding job data.

2. HR managers

The success of any business model relies on the talent of employees. And it is HR managers’ responsibility to find that talent for their company. JobsPikr allows HR managers to attain key insights on the demand and availability of talent. In fact, hiring professionals can provide a big picture of overall talent analytics of the market. Hence, a company can find a competitive edge with better hiring procedures, using the insights offered by JobsPikr.

3. Staffing companies

Scaling up the lead generation is a daunting task for staffing companies. No company can rely on manual procedures to evaluate corporate websites. Hence lead generation is possible with automation. And that is precisely what JobsPikr culminates.

Subscribing to suitable data sets allows staffing companies to simplify their lead generation strategy. A vast collection of data associated with jobs and companies comes straight to you in detail. Along with that, different business models can use this solution to run labour analytics and market research. This way, all the collected data can make talent analytics and management easier and successful for businesses.

How JobsPikr helps in Talent Analytics

JobsPikr is the solution for all processing issues associated with labour analytics and recruitment. Obtaining relevant HR data empowers the company’s growth and their ability to use that data systematically.

Here are all the positive impacts that JobsPikr brings to the table in HR analytics:

1. Identifying top skills grouped by cities

With JobsPikr’s geo-targeting features, it’s easy to get the job data from a particular location and further dig in to find the top skills. Skills is a part of the job description text in JobsPikr schema and can easily be explored using an appropriate text mining tool such as R. Identifying the top skills for any given geo-location can help many in the job market including candidates, HR consultancies and employers.

2. Finding the top job titles

Curious to find what job titles are popular in a given industry or location? Job feeds from JobsPikr can be used to find this out. By analyzing the job data, the frequency of different job titles can be gauged and the results would reveal the top job titles for any given industry or location. This can help recruitment firms and companies in understanding the job market, which would in turn help them devise their hiring or lead generation strategies accordingly.

3. Identifying locations with the most demand for a job function

Candidates are often left with no options to get insights into the job market. With the right insights to guide them, they can significantly improve the efficiency of their job search, thereby increasing the chances of landing their dream job. With JobsPikr, it is possible to identify the location with the most demand for a certain job function which is sought after by the candidate. This way, candidates can get a serious edge in the competition for the best opportunities out there. Staffing companies can use this insight to direct their pool of candidates to the right destinations, which again helps speed up the turnaround time.

Geography plays a critical role in this regard, as every candidate desires job opportunities within the range of a suitable location. Targeting a certain industry or geography becomes much more manageable with JobsPikr.

4. Identifying top keywords in job descriptions

The top keywords appearing across job descriptions for a certain job role will reveal a lot of crucial insights to candidates and educational institutions on how to equip themselves for the demand in the industry. For example, if Python is a common keyword across job descriptions for data scientists, data scientist job aspirants can include this in their must learn a list of programming languages. Similarly, educational institutions providing data science courses can include the same in their syllabus. Job description text is a very crucial data point in the job data feeds and can reveal a lot more important insights.

5. Identifying HR trends in talent analytics

Research work is not a onetime job in the recruitment industry. There is a consistent need for information that can help to identify the latest trends, changes, and skills available in the labour market.

Business models associated with staffing, job posting or recruitment keep on looking for accurate data. But mostly, this data takes a lot of time to gather. Hence, the ROI seems not very impressive no matter how high those revenue numbers look.

JobsPikr resolves this issue for good. It offers an organized way of collecting job data without losing much time.

Talent Analytics – What the Future Holds?

HR industry is receiving an upgraded approach towards jobs and hiring via JobsPikr. It makes companies capable of identifying genuine demands based on location and industry. The whole process is handled by a machine learning-powered crawler, which is a huge plus point for efficiency.

As JobsPikr keeps on growing, recruitment industry and job-seeking candidates will get benefited directly. All in all, JobsPikr is a revolutionary solution to facilitate robust talent analytics. If your business operates in the recruitment space, it’s time you reaped the benefits of this technology to gain a significant growth and revenue boost. 

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