How JobsPikr Addresses the Demand Data Needs of the Job Industry

Job Industry

Recruitment firms, consultancies, and online job boards all face the same problems. Today, connecting the candidate and the job has become more and more competitive thanks to multiple job boards across varied geographic regions and corporate sectors. Right from large companies to popular start-ups, various types of companies advertise vacancies on these websites. Job boards have also become more dedicated to specific niches. In this blog, we look at the demand data of the job industry that JobsPikr caters to.

There are job boards that cater only to start-ups. The ones that specialize dedicated to machine learning and data science-based jobs. And also those that serve only specific states or even countries. On top of this, there’s the problem of refreshing data. On many of these websites. You’ll find job postings database that is from a year back. And whose “the last date to apply” has also already passed. So you must update your job listings regularly so that candidates don’t waste time trying to apply to expired job posts.

Research and analytics firms looking to improve their solutions and improving their portfolio by using web data for labor market analysis. Find it difficult to collect clean and high-volume data.

Because of all these problems, our team at PromptCloud came out with JobsPikr. It is a fully automated job discovery tool that can use multiple filters such as location, post and specific keywords in the description. Since the launch of JobsPikr. It has gone through two major overhauls to help labor market research firms, job boards, and recruitment agencies highly efficiently.

How JobsPikr Meets Data Needs of Job Industry

1. Job Industry – Offers an Intelligent Job Scraping Solution

The software uses an Auto-extract algorithm, which helps extract job-related details from the web pages fed to it. Automated crawlers powered by machine learning techniques extract the latest job listings from the career pages of company websites. This way the software acts almost as a DaaS (data as a service) solution. You wouldn’t incur any infrastructure or maintenance cost and would pay only for the amount of data (job feeds) that you consume.

2. Scrapes Data from Popular Job Industry

JobPikr can deliver job feeds from popular jobfeed based on the criteria set by your business requirements. For example, if you are a recruitment agency that caters to the demand of the oil industry in the Middle East, JobsPikr will get you data from all the job boards of the middle east that have job posts related to your sector.

3. Covers a Wide Range of Countries

JobsPikr covers all the major geographies like the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and more. You can even suggest new locations to JobsPikr via the ‘Sites Suggestion’ option in the dashboard if you want JobsPikr to look into a new location, and if we consider it a viable option, we will make it available for you.

4. Delivers Data in Plug and Play Format to Job Industry

A job posting usually contains some specific data points, namely the job title, location, date of the job posting, apply by, must-haves, good to have a job description, and sometimes, the remuneration. This data scraped by JobsPikr and you can download it in multiple formats such as CSV, XML, and JSON. Customers can also use APIs to get the data in real-time if their use case requires such a setup. For each job listing, you would also get the crawl time. This will help you keep track of your data and update it regularly.

5. Affordable Pricing Solutions of the Job Industry

For DaaS solutions, we believe no one size fits all, and based on each customer’s requirement, the pricing and the solution is tailor-made. This is the reason start-ups and big corporates choose JobsPikr.

Start Downloading Job Data with JobsPikr

You can do a lot with job feeds — build intelligent BI systems, train job matching algorithms for AI solutions. It serves customers and clients. Gets associated with companies helping them with the recruitment. But like many business processes in the twenty-first century, it all begins with data. Our team at PromptCloud understands this need for demand-side data of the job industry and constantly strives to improve JobsPikr via wider coverage and accurate crawling. Being a machine learning-based tool, it will only get better with time and continue to make access to job data easier for any company.

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