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How Reliable is Job Wrapping for Job Automation?

Job Wrapping

The job posting is no mean feat. A fool-proof and credible hiring process is cumbersome and laborious. Redundant postings have to be removed. New ones have added almost every week. Can you imagine the man-hours you’d be investing (read: wasting) to just maintain a thorough talent-acquisition pipeline? The beauty of living today that any sufficiently ‘repetitive’ task can just as easily be replaced by technology. Enter job wrapping automation. What is job wrapping? What is job automation? And is job wrapping really reliable?

An automated job wrap system helps to establish and maintain a competitive edge. Job wrapping also is known as job scraping is the process of automatically pulling jobs, including adds, edits, and deletes from a company career center and uploading those jobs to a job board.

It is just as simple as it sounds. Can’t believe we spend precious manual hours doing this? Job wrapping automation just like any other job automation process eliminates human errors, optimizes time, and just makes recruitment (and life) a lot easier. This brings us to the other point of concern. Is reliability really an issue? What are the pros and cons of job automation? What tools needed for job wrapping and automating?

Optimise Your Recruitment Efforts

This isn’t just a win-win for the recruiter. The job seeker also doesn’t have to waste time applying for inactive jobs. By making life simpler for the talent you seek, you are actually minimizing the chances of losing them. Job wrapping automation is a sure-shot way to maximize visibility across all job boards. It invites and weeds out the talent. The result of the efforts triple-pronged. Jobs are automatically fed, creating new daily SEO content for your board, and enhance your visitor experience. Which, through a snowball effect, keeps visitors on your site for a lot longer.

It also allows recruiters to hire candidates based on characteristics predictive for job success. Automation also leads to more consistent hiring decisions, as it removes many variables that are not predictive for job performance.

Optimise Your Resources via Job Wrapping

There are job boards. There are job aggregators. Then there is job wrapping automation which sits comfortably in between. Job wrap systems save you the energy, the time, you won’t have to maintain leave records and it can work round the clock! Premium and sophisticated aggregation tools scrape data autonomously and categorize them as required across boards. It is the Holy Grail of all recruitment tools.  

Oh, did we mention that job wrapping tools also act as a leveller to the plethora of formats used by various job boards? It brings inconsistency, which just enhances the overall user experience. 

Optimises Reach to Employers

Since fresh SEO content generated daily, by using job wrapping tools you attract a fairly large number of job seekers. This will directly result in an increased number of employers using your job board for recruitment. It is one of those things you never thought you needed. It is also one of those things you wonder how you ever lived without.

Also, by using technology for screening, assessing, and ranking candidates, you can help employers remove any common hiring biases. To ensure the process remains completely objective. Turning to automation to find ideal candidates without unconscious biases leads to increased diversity in every workplace.

Job Wrapping And The Use of AI

The use of AI in recruitment isn’t a trend. Because trends tend to blow over at some point. This is here to stay. This is the future. To co-exist with bots so humans can foster cultural relationships at the workplace.

Recruiting automation can truly enhance your high-volume recruitment process and help you make it more efficient (and pleasant) for everyone involved. It is not meant to replace recruiters. But rather free them from manual tasks and let them refocus their attention on getting to know candidates and fully utilizing their interpersonal skills. And in a job market that requires recruiters to find creative ways to compete for top talent, these are obvious perks that you should start taking full advantage of.

These are the microcosmic, invisible problems that we at JobsPikr solve.

Now that we have established why you need to board the job wrapping and job automation wagon, be mindful of a couple of things. The API integration with your system should be simple, secure, and scalable. It should be pliable enough to crawl the new site to cover the entire brouhaha of jobs that get posted every day. 

And finally, what we always circle back to, quality data over a gargantuan redundant lot.

Job wrapping is the Mecca of job automation.

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