HR Coordinator Salary trends and Job Profile 2021

hr coordinator salary trends and job profile

Today, while the world faces The Great Resignation, the role of the HR Coordinator has become even more important, since they are in charge of the one resource without which the operations of a company would be brought to a standstill– humans. However, the job of an HR Coordinator isn’t all about hiring and firing. They need to look after many aspects and shoulder multiple responsibilities. They usually: 

  • Assist in payroll processing 
  • Maintain employee records
  • Coordinate reviews and appraisals
  • Provide administrative support
  • Set up training sessions
  • Plan out onboarding exercises
  • Conduct background checks
  • Help conduct seminars and workshops whenever necessary
  • Manage ATS software
  • And more…

The size of the HR team would usually depend upon the number of employees in a company. This is in order to have a proper ratio so that issues faced by employees can be looked into and proper support can be provided to both existing employees and those who are getting hired.

Given the importance of HR coordinators and the number of responsibilities that they take up, it was no surprise for us to find almost 100k jobs among job search results for the current year. These jobs were across almost 24,000 companies and there was an average of 13 jobs/company among the top 5k companies.

HR Coordinator job postings
Fig: HR Coordinator Job Postings and Metrics Worldwide, as recorded in 0ct 2021  Souce: Data from JobsPikr

Unique job titles sat at a staggering figure of almost 15k, whereas unique skills listed in the job descriptions were almost 4k. The large number of unique skill-keywords mentioned isn’t a surprise since different companies require HR coordinators to carry out different administrative work. Often they need to be adept with certain software as well so as to carry out certain functions more efficiently.

HR Coordinator Salary

Globally,  HR coordinator salaries start from somewhere around $20k and rise to $90k. This is around the 6-10 year mark, after which both the minimum and the maximum salaries are seen to fall.

HR Coordinator Salary trends
Fig: Salary in $ vs years of experience Souce: Data from JobsPikr

Both the rise and fall are more or less at similar angles but the reason is not evident from the data at hand and may require a thorough analysis of the underlying factors. Many HR coordinators move on to become independent contractors or headhunters after a few years of experience and hence this graph would only be valid for those working purely as an HR coordinator.

Key Points in an HR Coordinator Job Description

Almost every job post for an HR Coordinator lists out 3 main requirements. Those are– excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills. There are no certificates or degrees that can prove one’s abilities in this, and hence these skills are usually tested in the interview itself. Negotiation and decision-making skills along with problem-solving abilities also are a must-have for HR coordinators who want to join this fast-paced role. 

HR Coordinator Profile Requirements 

A bachelor’s degree in almost any subject is usually good to have when applying to such a profile, although senior profiles may be easier to get if you have an MBA or a similar higher degree under your belt. For tech-based companies, having a tech background also helps, since you would find it easier during talent acquisition as well as onboarding. While specific degrees are not a must, what matters are on-the-job skills, and your ability to provide results in real-time. 

Skill Requirements

The data mined by our team showed certain trends among the skills listed for HR Coordinator Job Posts. At the top, we can see management, since managerial skills are a must-have for HR coordinators. This is because they usually need to work with multiple teams, where each one may be facing different issues. They often act as bridges between employees and senior management. There is a balancing act required which can only be perfected through great management skills.

hr coordinator skills trends
Fig: Top Skills required for HR Coordinator Posts (Y-axis is the number of job postings with the mentioned skill in 2021) Souce: Data from JobsPikr

Being adept at onboarding, comes second, since a large part of an HR coordinator’s responsibility is finding candidates who would fit the requirements for empty positions and onboarding them after due diligence.

Operations come third, but these do not refer to business operations. Rather, it has to do with the decision-making in day-to-day HR operations like handling payroll, managing the details of the time-sensitive HR processes, keeping track of the checklists that need to be completed for those who are leaving the organization, and more.

Customer service and employee relations come 4th and 5th even though the margin between them is pretty small. These 5 skills would be required for HR coordinators in any country or industry, and hence their high frequency is understandable.

Work Experience Requirements

While there is no specific degree that is a must-have for an HR coordinator, work experience plays a major role in helping you climb up the ladder. There’s an almost 50-50 distribution between entry-level and mid-level positions. 

HR Coordinator seniority level
Fig: HR Coordinator Jobs based on seniority, Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

Senior-level positions are negligible since most HR coordinators would usually take up a position in the senior management of a company after having spent considerable time hiring, firing, and managing human resources.

Working Hours 

While the usual working hours apply to HR coordinators, at times, in case of urgent hiring requirements, or employee issues, they may need to work long hours, beyond the usual 9-5. Since they are in charge of managing the human resources of a company, they need to get all the problems and bottlenecks resolved, whether during or after work hours.

As per the data mined by our team at JobsPikr, we can see that a majority of the jobs are full-time, while around 1/4th of the jobs are undefined. These could be full-time positions or those where one is paid on an hourly basis. 

HR Coordinator job type trends
Fig: HR Coordinator Jobs (Full time vs the rest), Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

Around a tenth of the jobs are made up of part-time and internship positions as well. Almost no volunteer-based positions exist for HR coordinator positions. 

Top Global Employers 

Some of the top global employers are in the Hotel industry and Colleges and Universities. These are sectors where one needs to deal with a lot of humans daily and mostly in person, which explains the demand for HR professionals. 

HiltonHotels, Motels, & Resorts
Omni HotelsHotels, Motels, & Resorts
Veterans United Home LoansLending
MITColleges and Universities
Bain & CompanyConsulting
Ring Central IT Services
UCLAColleges and Universities
Michigan State UniversityColleges and Universities
Fig: Top Companies from different sectors that hire HR Coordinators, Source: Glassdoor

Internet-based companies, consultancies, and IT services also hire HR coordinators in large numbers as we can see almost half of the top companies belong to these sectors. This is not surprising since most new-age companies that use the internet to run their business have HR professionals to handle multiple employees and customer-related issues. 

Career prospects

While one may argue that a lot of automation has come to play along with software that is used for human resource management, payroll management, hiring activities, and performance reviews and tracking, these tools haven’t replaced HR coordinators. Instead, these have made the lives of HR coordinators easier by taking away the mundane and time-consuming part of their jobs and helping them concentrate on tougher real-life problem statements which often need to be solved in a time-bound manner.

HR coordinators play vital roles in their respective companies by giving employees a route to file their grievances and get their problems solved. They also help build a company, one hire at a time and their requirements are only poised to grow.

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