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2020 has upended our lives in a lot of ways that were previously unimaginable. The biggest upset ever was the advent of the Work From Home culture. Whether you hate it or love it, it is here to stay. And how. The entire recruitment mandate has shifted in the past year. And this isn’t cyclical. It is the entire curve shifting.  And like we love saying, that meeting in 2019 could actually have been a call. Global job board, therefore, have to upto the ante to cater to this new shift in demand. This has a major positive bearing in fact. The entire world is now their oyster. now that borders have diluted and location as a filter has ceased to exist. By 2025, it has been predicted that a whopping 70% of the workforce will be working remotely for at least five days a month. While 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, there is a lot more from where that came from. Global job board are the very future of hiring.  Remote work brought about by the pandemic to become permanent.

Is Global Job Board the Future of Hiring?

The percentage of employees working remotely on a permanent basis is expected to double in 2021, in accordance with a study done by Enterprise Technology Research (ETR). “The productivity metric is proof that it is working without a shadow of doubt, this whole work-from-home situation,” said Erik Bradley, chief engagement strategist at ETR. While most strategists believed that remote working would increase, they didn’t think it would almost double up.  Another study revealed that almost 74% of the biggest companies plan to permanently shift to a hybrid or a remote working model long after the pandemic has subsided. In fact, they are all leading the way. Twitter, Square, Facebook et al: everybody in the Silicon Valley big leagues have embraced all the goodness of remote working and asked their employees to work from wherever they are comfortable. Life can be a permanent vacation now. Or not. 

Why is it Preferred by Employers?

Employers are probably the biggest winners in this situation. Even in a hybrid working model, they still more than make up for the year of many losses as it was deemed. 

1. Employee Productivity

A study shows that employees productivity has gone up by a whopping 30%. This maybe due to a lot of fairly intuitive factors: no time and energy wasted in commute, no more coffee and cigarette breaks, meetings that are getting condensed into quicker calls. The window of greatest employee productivity has actually been touted to be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, followed by Wednesday and Thursday. Productivity is the lowest on Friday, as should be to be honest!

This is a step in the right direction. The workforce adapted quickly, offering complete WFH flexibility for their workforce. With fewer in-person meetings eating up a whole working day, employees have more breathing space. The harrowing down on interruptions and interjections allowed more time for pure execution. 

2. More Bang for their Buck

Apart from getting more juice from the same force of squeeze (as mentioned in the point above this), offices don’t have to invest a lot in company infrastructure anymore. Moe Vela of Transparent Business estimates that the need for large physical office spaces will completely fade away as we gallop into the future. “Fully remote companies with no physical headquarters will continue to reduce their office space for hybrid teams or completely forgo one altogether to save on costs,” says Moe Vela. And that future is already here. Outdoor retailer REI announced that it is getting rid of its brand new and untouched eight acre corporate campus in Washington. Not to mention the glaring positive impact on the environment it brings about as a happy coincidence. 

No office space, less corporate waste, real estate prices to drop, less vehicles for traveling to and from work and the bazillion meetings: the earth is already heaving a sigh of relief!

Why is it Preferred by Employees?

You truly become the ing of your own world here. You can literally roll out of your bed in the morning and sit on your desk, the dreams we have all dreamt ever since we started adulting. 

1. Major Costs Saved

You save a whole lot of Uber and petrol money by not traveling to and from work everyday. Also, your carbon footprint will plummet like never before. This isn’t it. Parking money? Vehicle depreciation? Morning coffee at the local barista? Eating out at lunch? Clothes and shoes? Perfectly laundered clothes? You get the drift.

2. Major Time and Stress Saved

While the cost of toll booths on the commute is not funny, the emotional toll of sitting in traffic to and from work, five days a week, is always usually never considered. Unless the driver starts cussing! The average American spends 26 minutes getting to and from work each day. This seemingly harmless number translates to nine entire days each year. Imagine no rush hour traffic to navigate. No crazy weather to soldier through. Just you and your home-brewed coffee in your most comfortable PJ’s while you snuggle your dog. Ah the life!

3. Work from Literally Anywhere

All vacation days are work days and all work days are vacation days. Welcome to the future! You can now work from the beach, from your parents’ house, literally anywhere. A true balance has been found!

Global Job Board and Their Role in this Situation 

Now that the recruitment industry is going through a massive turnabout and all stakeholders are happy, global job board need to now cash in on this situation to optimally leverage this situation. Here’s how they can do that:

  1. They can do away with location as a filter entirely and open up possibilities for both recruiters and potential employees all across the board. 
  1. Global job board should now scrape jobs at a global level to assist the point made above.
  1. They should also earmark digital marketing budgets for jobs which are in essence work-from-home to lure in the best talent from the world.
  1. Global job board also need scarce data more dynamically now that they rate of job positions filling up have increased multifold. 

Now that you are convinced that remote working is here to stay and that your job board needs to up the ante, we have the best solutions for you. JobsPikr’s premium job scraping services helps scrape quality job data to give your job board the unfair advantage it deserves! 

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