Job Posting Data – An Effective Tool for Higher Education

job posting data

new study found that online job posting data answers key questions for higher education stakeholders as they align educational offerings with today’s fast-shifting workplace demand, positioning students for greater success as they enter the worst job market in a generation.

By using job postings data, higher education institutions can address three dilemmas today:

  • What certifications and skills are in highest demand in local metropolitan areas where college graduates are most likely to seek work?
  • How can students whose majors do not provide clear career tracks position themselves for success? 
  • Can non-IT graduates find jobs in the fast-growing, underpopulated market? If so, which graduates, and how?

The analysis from job posting data provides compelling answers for all these dilemmas. First, careful parsing of job posting data from specific metropolitan areas demonstrates how geography shapes graduates’ skills to succeed locally. 

Using a deep dive into the dataset, the job data analysis finds that graduates from non-IT programs can effectively position themselves for ICT jobs. In particular, graduates from engineering, business management, marketing, and related support services who acquire advanced ICT skills have the best chances of filling ICT positions.

According to the report received, online job postings data can answer these questions better than traditional sources for several reasons:

  • Job postings data is extremely broad in scope, with the JobsPikr consisting of more than a billion job postings.
  • The data is updated in real-time, with millions of unique active postings analyzed and incorporated into the system each day.
  • The information is highly granular. Each posting can be broken down into roughly seventy variables, including occupation, industry, job description, and employer location, as well as the educational levels, credentials, and skills requested of job applicants.

Create Higher Education Programs Based on Emerging Skills from Job Posting Data

A great way to create programs is by basing them on new and emerging skills because emerging skills show promising, rapid growth in the labor market over the next ten years. Adding these skills into your institution’s programs will help increase the likelihood that your students will be qualified for great job opportunities once they graduate.

The trusted source of job data from company career pages and premium job boards can help your institution create new programs aligned to the labor market, setting your students and your institution up for success.

By understanding which skills are relatively new to the market, you can then create programs around the skills that are going to be in great demand by employers. Your prospective students won’t have these skills, and the competition likely isn’t teaching these skills either. So get ahead of the competition and create new programs based on job data that will set your students up for the best jobs of tomorrow.

Labor market information allows you to get ahead of the market by building programs for the future workforce. So start discovering the skills that need to be included in your programs today. 

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