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JobsPikr has been going through rapid development on the functionality as well as the user experience fronts. This done to give our users a seamless and easy way of getting job datasets. Be it for their jobs report or job research. We at JobsPikr strive to constantly give users artificially intelligent job data on the go. Powered by our machine learning and data science models, let’s take a look at some of the JobsPikr feature update that will roll out.

JobsPikr Feature Update 1

Agency Vs Company Differentiation

Feature Update

This is a game-changer for most people. The ability to know when a job posted by the company or their representatives directly against the same posted by a recruitment agency is a huge leap forward. This helps filter out the jobs posted by recruitment agencies so that there is more emphasis given to the jobs posted directly by recruiters. This improves the quality of the postings as there is a higher trust factor with the customers alike. These listings remain updated for a longer period. The chances of dead posts are also reduced as the recruiters would remove them as soon as the position closed at their end. 

JobsPikr Feature Update 2

Job Title Normalization

Feature Update

This job feed update via API feature update is a small change to the application that will help make the data search hassle-free. This ensures that there is a standardization of the titles that contain similar jobs. For eg, “Software Engineer – Backend – Java/PHP in Bangalore/Hyderabad” will condense to “Software Engineer – Backend” allowing it to fit into the general bracket of Backend Software Engineers. The other parameters put in where required, like Skills and Location in this case. 

The Job Title Normalization feature update and JobsPikr datsets will help the users seamlessly integrate these jobs into their systems and let them do any sort of analysis effectively. 

JobsPikr Feature Update 3

Skillset Extraction

Feature Update

We are now going to add another field called skills within each job listing that we acquire. This feature will ensure that the jobs searched based on the main skills required for a particular job. Instead of having to search only based on the title. You can now search for the specific skill set required for a particular job. For eg. a software engineer could have expertise in one of the multiple disciplines: Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python. This used to expand the scope of the search to include more job titles with specific skills. 

These feature updates are all slated to roll out in August 2020. With our mission to be the go-to source for all job-related data and insights. We at JobsPikr strive to be the most comprehensive job feed solution. We are all ears to hear what you think about these features. If you have a feature request or any other query, do write to us at

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