JobsPikr’s Job Data API Integration: A Game-Changer for Job Board Owners

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One of the leading job data providers today, JobsPikr provides different ways in which users can interact with Job Data. You can get job listings delivered to your cloud storage. You can directly interact with the dashboards without delving into raw data to solve complex job market problems. You can also choose to go all technical and directly integrate JobsPikr API with your system. 

For a job board, this would mean hitting the JobsPikr Job Search API at regular intervals or whenever there is a requirement of certain job posts. This process can be automated- the API call can be one of the stages in your workflow, or manual- someone may hit the API manually whenever there is a need for job data with specific filters.

APIs offered by JobsPikr

There are three main APIs offered by JobsPikr. Each gives you different types of job data

  1. Job Search API: The usual job search API that provides a list of results based on the filters you provide in the query parameters.
  2. Expired Jobs API: Provides a list of expired jobs. This would be a subset of the total job listings that you may have consumed via the Job Search API.
  3. Aggregation API: Provides an aggregate count based on the filters you send in query parameters.

Using the APIs is pretty simple. All you need to do is get two sets of client IDs and auth keys. One set is for the sandbox environment (containing job data between March 2021 to 30 April 2021) for testing, whereas the other can be used for the actual production environment. 

The client ID and auth key can be sent either in your HTTP Basic Auth or in headers depending on the setup you have on your end. At every step, we have provided enough customizations so that no one has a hard time while using these APIs. You are not charged for testing your Job Board integration with our Sandbox environment and Job Credits are used only when you consume data from our production APIs.

The response data is very easy to consume since it is shared in a simple JSON format containing only UTF-8 characters. This enables users to parse the data and use it for further processing easily. If needed, we can also provide the output data in XML format. The response will always have status and message in it, whereas other fields depend on what API you are using. The only restriction in place is that you cannot hit our search API more than 100 times in a minute or 5000 times in an hour. Once you cross this threshold, you will see an error like this-

{ “status”: “error”, “message”: “Retry later” }

The benefits of using JobsPikr APIs

While we just described how easy it is to start using JobsPikr APIs, there are other benefits as well, which make JobsPikr the top Job Data API service in the market today. Key advantages include:

  • Wide Coverage: Over a million data records are updated daily. For this, we fetch job data from more than 70,000 global data sources. We also have historical data from 2019. With such a wide net at your disposal, job applicants using your job board are likely to find more roles that fit their profile.
  • Real-time Data: Our APIs and services all provide real-time job data. This ensures two things- a. You always have your hands on the newest job posts. b. You know when a position has closed and you can act accordingly (archive it or remove it from your portal, etc). Given how dynamic the job market is, being one of the first to get their hands on the data is crucial for the users of your job board.
  • Coverage: Our Job Data service covers multiple regions, industries, and job types. No matter the type of study you are trying to conduct, you are likely to find related job data using our APIs. Often having a wider pool allows you to find trends and correlations that may not have been obvious if you were looking at a smaller sample. This also means that your job board can cater to a wider audience. 
  • Structured Data: The APIs provide you with JSONs (by default) or XML (if you specify it). This structured and clean data allows users to directly consume the data points of their choice without having to further parse the output of these APIs. The benefit of this is massive– for instance, you could build a highly customized Machine Learning and AI-powered job board that could match applicants to jobs in real-time.
  • Customizable Queries: The more you tailor your query to filter results and provide you with a list of jobs that fit a very specific checklist, the fewer job credits you will use. Being able to fetch only the relevant data will make it easy for you to sift through data while also keeping your data fetch cost down. Precision to benefit your clients, at a budget to save your bottom line.
  • Scalability: JobsPikr’s infra is set up in a way that you can consume as much data as you want. Suppose you want to consume all the job posts that JobsPikr has right now in its live system for Software Engineering positions. Since such a large dataset cannot be returned in a single API call, you can follow this process-
    • You hit the API for the first time, and it will send you a value for the parameter- “cursor”. Think of this like a checkpoint.
    • Next, you hit the same API with the same parameters once more, but also send the “cursor”. This time it will give you results with a new value for “cursor”.
    • You can continue this process until JobsPikr has no new data to display for the filters that you have provided. In such a situation, you can store your cursor in the memory and retry after an hour.

Such a setup would benefit applicants using your job board who are looking for all the job positions related to a specific role or ones who are trying to find very specific keywords in job posts.

  • Efficient Pricing: One of the most crucial aspects of data today is the cost associated with it. JobsPikr makes things easier by making you pay only for the data that you consume. What this means is that you may fetch the same job listings 4 times based on the queries you run, but you will be paying for each job listing only once. So no matter how many times a job listing appears in your search results based on the query you write- you will never be charged more than once for it.

An API for Everyone

Unlike other Job Data providers, our team at JobsPikr aims to make job data more easily accessible to a wide variety of users. This may include corporations, research labs, market analysts, and more. This is why we offer different ways in which you can interact with our job data stream. 

As a Job Board owner, you can use our API integration to provide your clients with the freshest job posts and ensure all roles are regularly updated so that applicants don’t end up applying to stale positions.

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