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Maximizing Job Board Revenue: How Job Aggregators Can Help

Job Aggregator

Jobs have upgraded from being posted like advertisements in newspapers to becoming an entire marketplace in itself. In this marketplace, we have two types of main entities– the companies who want to hire, and the candidates who need a job. We also have auxiliary players such as job market researchers who want to get a deeper understanding of job data and make predictions for the future and job boards, who provide a visual platform for companies to put on their jobs and applicants to apply to multiple jobs easily.

At the top of the ladder among the major powers behind this marketplace are– Job Aggregators. Job Aggregators have evolved in the past decade by getting everything on the same plate. This has reduced the efforts required for different entities who were earlier putting in the time and effort for browsing tens of different sources. Job aggregators help job boards and job websites in multiple ways today– by increasing traffic, improving user experience, and enhancing candidate-to-job mapping capabilities– all by providing a quality job stream. 

Increasing Traffic– thus shoring up revenues

Job aggregators provide job listings from different sources thus increasing the amount as well as the variety of job listings that a job board can display. When having a large collection of data, job boards can also offer added features like filters and keyword-search functionalities so that users can browse jobs more easily. 

Once a Job Board increases its reach with the help of Job Aggregators, they are likely to see more organic visits and the traffic itself will rise. The influx of more first-time visitors as well as higher return customers is likely to make your portal better known thus bringing in chances of sponsored content, premium listings, add-on services, and targeted advertising.

User Experience

One of the biggest challenges when browsing job data is that one has to go through tens of websites and keep track of which ones he or she has already seen and which need to be checked again. Also, for candidates, it’s extremely challenging to keep track of which stage each job application is stuck in– given that they are spread across many websites. 

Job Boards can use data from Job Aggregators like JobsPikr to remove both these problems. Having all job data in a single page along with added functionality of applying to jobs directly from your dashboard may make job applications a breeze and make you a favorite among candidates. Given that we offer 45 different data points from job listings scraped from more than 70,000 sources, our data is quite extensive and any job board leveraging the data would be able to give a variety of information to its user so that he or she doesn’t need to check anything else on the internet or “Google” other questions.

Evolving job-matching capabilities

Job aggregators provide a variety of job listings for Job Boards to use. More listings in turn bring in more job applicants. As job boards have access to more profiles and more jobs, they can train their models on the data to create better matching algorithms. Once these algorithms are trained on enough data, new ML models can be created which in turn can be run on new data to provide better recommendations.

Job data with more data points such as skill sets, detailed job requirements, and good-to-have features provide more data points for AI models to be trained on. This results in more accurate results when running the model on live data.  

Live and Clean Job Data Feed

Along with the amount of data, its accuracy and cleanliness are also paramount since no Job Board wants to put up wrong information on its website, which can in turn have an impact on its brand name. Our solution JosPikr has been used by more than 100 clients to solve problems by using global job market data.

Our live job data feed is powered by a real-time extraction, validation, and cleaning workflow that ensures that every data point reaches you after a series of actions that ensures its correctness. Real-time data stream also means that you get updated data at a very high frequency. This would mean that more applicants would throng to your job board to take advantage of the low latency.

Better avenues for monetization

As a job board owner, as you consume more job data, you will find certain insights. These could be–

  1. Certain skill sets are in high demand but are available in just a few profiles.
  2. Two different synonymous words are being used for the same keyword thus impacting job matches.
  3. Certain cities are growing as new hubs for the IT sector.
  4. Candidates with x amount of experience are usually asking for y amount of money for a specific role.

You could use all these insights and more to create more mature products on top of the raw data that would fetch more bucks from employees as well as candidates. Examples of such products could be training courses for upskilling candidates, sponsored job posts that companies can use, to fill openings on an urgent basis, assisted job application options for candidates facing problems deciding on the right jobs to apply to, or for those who need help with salary negotiations. 

Providing more value for Employers

Once job boards have access to a horde of job data, they can help employers in even more ways. They can create dashboards for employers to handle talent management, or enable employers to find skill gaps and upskill their existing employees. Employers can also do a salary normalization exercise to ensure that everyone is getting their due and existing employees do not end up getting paid less than new joiners. 


Job Aggregators are rewriting the rules of the game. At this point, job boards that take advantage of job aggregators to offer more job listings, as well as add-on features, are likely to move closer to the top of the pyramid. 

Our team at JobsPikr has worked on multiple problem statements that can be solved using job data and also provides raw data to hundreds of customers daily. We can help you integrate our real-time job data feed and start extracting insights in less than an hour. We provide multiple integration and file format options to support different companies with varied tech stacks and workflows. 

If you are a company that’s just starting, you can start consuming our feed with a set number of filters and pay only for what you need. If you already have an established job board, you can make the switch to JobsPikr and use the massive data stream to further boost your job board by bringing in more data and using it to diversify offerings
For any queries about the JobsPikr product, get in touch with us at

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