8 Must-Have Features for a Job Board Website

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If you are a new job-board owner or you are about to create a job-board of your own, you need to make sure that you have certain job board features that can attract more job-applicants and also companies who will pay you to get their job posts in your website. However, you can build these job board features at one go and you must know which order to build them in and also how to go about building them.

Must-Have Job Board Features

Step 1: Make sure you start with a broad and updated job feed

When you start your job-board, you are not likely to have any businesses or companies who want to put in their sponsored job-posts on your website. Your visibility will be quite low (more like zero). You need to put job posts on your websites- a lot of them, from unique sources, sectors, regions and industries. You also need to make sure that your job feed is regularly updated and expired job posts are removed on time. Doing all of this might be difficult since you may need to hire a tech team and get people with prior web-scraping experience. It will cost you a lot of money and time to set things in motion. A better and industry-approved approach would be to make use of a web scraping service like PromptCloud. With the latest version of our automated job search tool JobsPikr, you can gather job feed based on job titles, region, sector, keywords, or more. The job feed gets updated in real-time and is ideal for the regular job-boards or even AI-driven job-boards.

Step 2: Create Niche Wise Web pages

Once you start rolling out the latest job feed on your website, you need to make sure that the job data are properly arranged. This will help in two ways mainly 1. Users will find it easier to find jobs in their niches (such as data-science and media) 2. Organic hits will increase once your data is in a more structured format and not littered over the entire website.

Step 3: Job Board Features – Have Numerous Filters

My philosophy is that you can never have too many filters. Whether you are creating an eCommerce website or a job board, filters are a must so that your users can use the website in a breeze. Just imagine a person who is trying to find a job in Atlanta as a Data Engineer and wants to apply to jobs which require 3-5 years of experience. In case he does not have all the three points I mentioned as separate filters, he will need to read every job post and find the ones that fit his requirement. With the introduction of each filter, his time for job search will reduce exponentially.

Step 4: Build a Dashboard for job applicants

Most job board owners believe that business owners are their primary target audience and they will help increase revenues. However, the main issue here is that unless you have a large enough number of applicants on your website, you will not grow as a business anyway, even if you do have enough businesses posting jobs on your website. Because of this reason, you must make applying to jobs very easy for individuals. When a person is applying for jobs, he is more than likely to apply to more than one job, and if he does that, he will need to track his application in all of them and also check in which stage he is in each. Doing this manually by going to each job application is a complicated task in itself, and creating a user dashboard for individuals would greatly improve the all-over user experience.

Step 5: Get a customer care helpline

Once you have published some excellent quality job feed on your website and have been able to capture some traffic, you need to make sure that those coming to your site have a pleasant experience so that they, in turn, recommend your site to other people. Hence by providing great service, you can in return get both free marketing as well as advertising, and new users! For this, you need to make sure that you get a customer service helpline, even if it is just a single person on a phone.

Step 6: Have a site-wide search option

Often, people coming to your website will not go through your entire website but will prefer to search for certain keywords and find all results for that keyword. This would be massively helpful for a lot of people. These job board features are available in most well-built websites and you should try to integrate it in your job board website to provide a better user experience.

Step 7: Allow different options for uploading jobs

When you generate some traffic and can attract businesses to your website, they would want to post their job-posts on your website. However, you must understand that these companies may not have a separate team for this and would want the job posting to be as simple as possible. You will have to make the experience a breeze for them. Posting new jobs should be as easy. You could give them an upload option using which they can upload a CSV with certain data job points, and then using this data, you can populate your website with the job posts. You should also provide them with a dashboard or a tracking system so that companies who chose to recruit through your website can actually track how many people have applied to each job post, and can filter the applicants easily. 

Step 8: Make the design minimal but intuitive

All the seven steps that I spoke about would be of no use if your website has too many pop-ups and links and buttons. Make the job board layout very simple and make it intuitive so that people can use your website easily, even if they are on it for the first time. Most tend to prefer using websites where almost every functionality feels within reach but is present in its expected location.  

Job Board Features – In Conclusion

Creating a job board may seem like a simple task, but if you want to build a successful job board, you must take care of the two things before everything else- the data and the design. The data on your website needs to be impeccable and always updated (If you are looking for jobfeed, you can contact JobsPikr). And your design needs to make users feel comfortable. If you get your basics right, there’s no end to the job board features that you can add on to your job portal website later on, but if you mess them up, it will be difficult to gather organic traffic or even have conversions.

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