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smart recruiting methods

With the increased popularity of AI software recently, automation techniques are impacting the recruitment sector. Since it can prove to be very puzzling at times, it is always beneficial to have an extra edge. In the ever-growing market, you need to keep up with the competition using smart recruiting methods. This blog will cover all about how automation is leading to a smart recruiting process.

What is Smart Recruiting?

Automation of processes basically means using AI technology to assist you in doing your work. A vast number of fields have already adapted to automation like gaming and healthcare. In addition, automation in smart recruitment processes has shown positive results. It helps to accurately keep a track of candidate data, fill out apt job descriptions, and so much more.

For example, JobsPikr is an Al-enabled workforce analytics platform that considers the labor market trends to let recruiters understand the labor market. Using these smart recruiting insights, organizations can plan their workforce hiring and ultimately get the best candidate on board.

How to Use Automation for Smart Recruiting? 

Here are some tested smart recruiting methods that you can try out for yourselves for achieving better and competent results –

  • Using Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS is an evolution of technology that is witnessing high growth in its popularity, and rightly so. ATS helps to keep track of candidates from the point of sourcing to providing the best candidates with the offer letter. This data is backed up with large amounts of storage to ensure that you never lose track of any potential candidate. 

It can also be used to source extensions and create notes. The most interesting function it possesses is you can view a graph of matching jobs and candidates. ATS helps in smart recruitment and is the best possible first step you can take towards implementing automation in your hiring process. Data-driven recruiting is beneficial for the recruiter, as well as the candidate for a much smoother hiring process.

  • Candidates Pre-screening

A fact that every recruiter can relate to is that screening is one of the most tedious tasks in the hiring process. It is said that on average, a recruiter spends almost 23 hours screening candidates for a single potential hire. Wouldn’t you like to have a simpler alternative solution to this? Thanks to the advancement in data science AI tools in the market, you can make this part of your work much easier. AI tools can be used to screen candidates without any hassle, thus making smart recruitment an ease for companies.

Screening software stores employee data like qualifications and experience. It also does the initial screening and filtering of potential candidates. This allows you to divert your attention towards other matters like spending more time with candidates you feel are a good fit for your company. Moreover, virtual recruitment assistants and chatbots can also be used to contact applicants. They gather information and interact with the candidates, ask questions, understand answers and solve queries on your behalf to cut you some slack from the tiring recruitment process.

  • Advertising

Reaching out to everyone is very important in today’s market. It is astonishing how increasing the size of search radar can do for your company. There is a lot of unknown talent out there that needs recognition. And if you are one of the few to find talent to hone to perfection, the results can be even better than you expected. Using automated advertising software or just straight up reaching people through social media, getting more people to know about your existing opportunities. The increased flexibility lets you contact applicants all over the internet yourself thus saving you the finance of external advertisement.

Utilizing AI tools for assistance is a smart recruitment method. There are a lot of benefits involved in automating the hiring not just for the company, but the recruiters and candidates too.

  • Shorter hiring period

Using AI to automate stages of your recruitment process like setting up interviews through virtual assistants can save you a lot of time. It also reduces the monotonous work, which can cause some individuals to lose interest or even cause stress which is counter-productive. Also, a single recruiter can only interview two, maybe three candidates at a time whereas an automatic system can host multiple initial level interviews at once without any issue.

  • Better candidate experience

Candidates with no previous job background can get easily nervous and confused. But this doesn’t mean that they are not a right fit for your company. They must feel comfortable and confident to show their true talent. And the traditional methods of hiring somewhat promotes the opposite. 

Lengthy screening period, no proper way of filtering candidates, and also biased hires were factors that candidates often found demotivating resulting in them not performing to their fullest. With the introduction of automation in smart hiring, you can improve the candidate experience as AI won’t judge them based on their ethnicity but solely on their skills. 

Final Thoughts

Automating the recruitment process is helping recruiters eliminate serious problems they’ve been facing for a long time. Companies have shared they have experienced smoother and more productive hiring than ever before. When a single job position receives multiple applicants and there are multiple job positions like this, you cannot do it by yourself. Smart recruiting tools are very handy when you face such a challenge. They are not to be confused with taking over the recruiters’ role rather, they save your manual work and get to know the candidate better. The best part – even the candidate is compatible with it.

A sleek and hassle-free hiring experience is what anyone expects nowadays, and errors or misconceptions can create a sense of distrust in your company before even the candidate considers working with you. With such a competitive market around, you need to find all kinds of leverage you can get to land the top talent. 

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