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In the midst of these difficult times, with the competition high and the market yet to recover from the pandemic, looking for new job opportunities can undoubtedly prove to be overwhelming. If you are searching for a new job or a career change, one thing that can give you the leverage is realizing what the top job boards of this year are. To give you an edge in the market, here we have covered the popular job boards for this year.

A job search becomes easier when you find them from these trustworthy job boards. Here, you need to give your basic certified details with specific accomplishments, experience, degrees, and so forth. All of this information assists the recruiter with shortlisting your profile.

So, let’s know more about the popular job boards of the year.


XING offers the ideal solution if you have any desire to target applicants in the DACH area especially. With 19 million individuals it is one of the biggest and popular job boards in countries like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Even though most well known in the DACH nations, XING isn’t simply limited to this area as it is accessible in 12 unique languages and utilized by people in more than 200 nations. Since it’s a generalist job board, you can get in touch with a variety of people both active and passive candidates.

XING is quickly becoming well-known, an easy-to-use job board for employment seekers. It lets you upload your resume with a broad profile that incorporates a part to show your work, a bio, your social network, and your photo. You can look someone up by their title, location, salary, keyword, etc.


LinkedIn can easily be categorized as one of the top professional social network platforms as it offers the opportunity to an immense crowd of potential candidates. This free job board offers millions of individuals the greatest possible opportunity and talent pool. LinkedIn is a popular job board, which means it offers a high reach and the capacity to grab the attention of candidates no matter the job profile you’re employing for. Basically, your LinkedIn profile is the digital resume that you can, without much of an issue, send to employers while going after a vacant position. You can likewise decide to send an already stored resume or upload a new one.

With LinkedIn, you can develop your network through association demands and add new recruiters and hiring managers to your virtual circle. It is possible to search for jobs via company name, title, keywords, location, and so much more. LinkedIn is also free to use, however you can pay for its premium version to gain access to additional features like knowing who has seen your profile and acquiring further insights on candidates who are open for work.


Indeed is a very popular job board that has postings available from a wide variety of sources. It is a site that is accessible in 28 unique languages with job post listings in over 60 nations across the globe.  It has a career advice section and a salary comparison tool available as well. The job posting is accessible for no cost on this job board. These postings assist you to become more visible and reach out to more people with your job adverts. Indeed has almost as many as ten new job postings added each second and gets around 250 million clients each month. It gives options to everyone — from freelance to full-time to executive. Indeed tends to put the job seeker first, provide data-driven solutions as well as data insights and support the job seekers and the company’s best interest.

It consists of an intuitive interface for free and without creating an account. Indeed sends you alerts if they find a job that fits your profile. You can receive and send messages to recruiters with an active account.  


Glassdoor is a famous job board that is popular for the highlighted reviews from various post holders of various organizations. Candidates can employee and applicant reviews on points like working at the company, interview experience, company management, and work culture. As of today, it has more than 1.9 million listed recruiters and 11 million job postings. There are almost 100 million company reviews available that are additionally accessible.

With Glassdoor, you receive a curated list of job openings upon signing up. You can also have the option to receive these alerts by mail. The feature of letting a candidate visit the company’s job profile they intend to join and knowing in advance about interviews are some of the perks you can get with Glassdoor. 


The site now has evolved to 7900 job searches conducted each minute of every day. On average, 29 resumes are also uploaded per minute. Like Indeed, you can search for jobs in any kind of sector. Here, you can search by company, keyword, job title, and location. With this popular jobs platform, you can sign up and make a free account which allows you to save your job postings and search queries for future use.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a high-paying job, an hourly job, or a job with a new startup, the list given provides you with some great starting points as you navigate your job search. It is easy to find jobs this year, even with the pandemic and its after effects. You just need to have a proper idea of knowing the ways to direct your search to the job opening or company you aspire the most.

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