Top Tech Employability Skills in the US with Illustrative Examples

Top Tech Skills in the US

Hiring managers and recruiters look for candidates who can dive into their job role with minimal training and start helping the company in the path of success. It means employers have to hire people with the right technical skills to get their job done.

Working in the technical field means anything from programming the organization’s cloud infrastructure to fixing Wi-Fi issues. A study by McKinsey showed that almost 1/3 of the U.S. workers will have to find new jobs by 2030 in response to the growth in technology. With these growths, workers have to constantly learn new skills and adapt to the new trends.

The key ingredient to success in the technical field is the employee’s willingness to learn.  Academic qualifications are not the only thing employers notice while employing. A candidate should also improve their employability skills by learning new technical skills and gaining experience in them.

What are Tech Skills?

Tech Skills are the knowledge of specific technologies to perform work-related tasks in an organization. They can be skills in information technology, mechanical, or science. A few good examples of tech skills are knowledge of software automation tools, specific programming languages, or even mechanical equipment. The tech skills help in achieving technology careers that value knowledge about technology.

The required skills depend on the job role. Based on the job role that you are hiring for, a batch of skills can be referred to as hybrid skills or skill sets.

Benefits of Technical Skill Development

Tech skills are important for your organization for various reasons. Irrespective of the sector that you belong to, the tasks your employees perform every day depend on different processes and tools. Make sure that your employees have the technical skills to perform work-related tasks efficiently. Hiring employees with the right technical skills means better productivity. All these give your business a competitive edge.

Top 7 In-Demand Tech Skills in Today’s WorkForce

Here is a list of top tech skills that are valuable in various technology-based job roles. As per JobsPikr data for Top Tech Skills in the US (2022), Big Data has the most number of job openings followed by Project Management and Digital Marketing. 

  • Big Data Analytics

Data plays a crucial role in almost every industry, be it IT or healthcare. The data can be about the products a business is developing or details about their clients. With time, it is becoming easier to collect data. However, you will need employees to organize and interpret the collected data.

As an employer, you should focus on skills, such as Data Analytics, Modeling, Needs Analysis, Database Design, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Quantitative Research.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It is a computer’s ability to copy human intelligence, such as learning, understanding, responding, and solving problems. Employers looking to tap into the advantage of AI look for employees who are adept at machine learning, data science, or natural language processing.

They can go a long way in shaping the future of the organization.

  • Programming

No matter what the tech product, it requires coding. The main programming languages that every web development and programming position should include are Angular, Bootstrap, MySQL, Code Igniter, and JQuery. Going through the portfolio of projects will demonstrate the coding skills of the candidate and validate their expertise and knowledge.

Coding is crucial for emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Coding offers VR and AR developers a foundation to develop new and improved VR and AR technologies.

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

New trends are emerging in digital marketing every day; one thing that works today might get obsolete in a short time. So, candidates should be adept with the new technology and trends. Having additional employability skills is perfect for a job role in web development, marketing, public relations, or anything associated with digital marketing. These skills are blogging, content management system, web analytics, networking, SEO, and social media platforms.

  • Cybersecurity

No organization can function these days without a proper cybersecurity program in place. Cybersecurity protects the systems and the network from digital interference and cyber-attacks. Even a simple attack can compromise your company’s sensitive details. Hiring cybersecurity professionals keeps an organization safe from attacks. Cybersecurity-focused job roles are software engineer or developers, cybersecurity analyst, network engineer, or systems engineer.

  • Project Management

Sure, it seems more of a soft skill than a hard skill but for every project, a company needs project management in their day to day business. Project management skills cover how to plan, execute, and successfully deliver projects to clients. 

To be a good project manager, a candidate should have good leadership skills and should be able to delegate tasks. The candidate should be able to handle all areas, such as budget planning, fabrication, engineering, operations, project planning, scheduling, quality control and assurance, task delegation, and task management.

  • Blockchain

With cryptocurrency, demand for blockchain has increased. Blockchain is a technology used to record information in a certain way that makes it difficult for cybercriminals to hack or change. It is great for identity management, digital voting, and file storage. The applications are endless. Blockchain developers tap into their blockchain skills along with data structures, computer networking, and algorithms.

Go for Something that You Haven’t Seen Before

When you have to decide between several candidates with the same qualification, choose a candidate who will bring something new and unique to the table. It can be something that is totally out of the field or some work on emerging technology. Experience working in global cross-functional teams is a coveted quality. Communicating with team members clearly around the world across multiple time zones will help your organization function efficiently and effectively.

Bottom Line

The required tech skills for employability in the US vary from one job role to the other. Employers should look for candidates who have relevant technical skills. Your employees should be able to carry out the technical role successfully This way, you stay relevant and updated in an ever-growing technical skill landscape while ensuring your business growth. 

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