Trend Analysis of the Top PHP Programmer Skills in 2022 

Trend Analysis

Are you looking to become a top PHP programmer? It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top PHP Programmer skill trends in 2022. So, if you’re looking to make a career change or stay ahead of your competition, then read on.

Top PHP Programmer Skill Set

PHP programmers are in demand today. As per JobsPikr data, the average salary for a PHP programmer is $79,000 per year. But this figure does not include growth rate projections so let’s look at the future for PHP programmers.

PHP programmers who learn how to work with Django and ReactJS will have a growing market in the coming years. PHP programmers with an understanding of Linux flavors such as Ubuntu or Fedora will also have growth opportunities ahead. Overall, PHP programmer must evolve their skillset to stay relevant in the years ahead.

Here’s the list of the Top 5 PHP Programmer skill set that is in-demand.

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the decentralized technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology can be seen as a database; however, this database is shared across many computers in different locations. This means that when someone accesses the Blockchain, it will show them all of the entries and they can’t be deleted at all.

Blockchain stores information about transactions – these are batches of transfers of information that have taken place over the system. These entries are found in blocks – these can then be thought of as being individual pages within the Blockchain. The chain is simply a collection of blocks containing data about different transactions. So, a PHP Programmer should know the basics of blockchain technology and how it works.

Knowledge About IPFS, Decentralization and P2P networks

IPFS, also known as InterPlanetary File System, is one of the safest protocols & networks. It is primarily designed & developed for creating a content addressable and peer-to-peer method of storing the hypermedia in a distributed environment. The primary aim of IPFS is to improve upon existing protocols by replacing HTTP with its decentralized counterpart. It provides users the ability to access the files from a peer-to-peer network.

One of the main advantages of IPFS is that any device can use it regardless of the operating system because it is built on the top of BitTorrent and Git. This means you can access information from a computer running Microsoft Windows as well as a computer running Linux or Mac OS X. Basically, all devices with a web browser support this new protocol.

However, there are some features not available at this point. For example, desktop notifications on Linux may not work due to missing support for those types on Webkit/Blink browsers (Chrome/Chromium), but sound playback works fine as opposed to streaming content that works on some platforms.

Familiarity with Django Framework

For those who are unaware, the Django framework is a high-level python web framework that has gained popularity since its release into version 1.0 in December 2008, with over 500k downloads of the most current stable version at the time of writing. 

Initially gaining the most momentum with the development community it evolved from, the framework has matured considerably since version 1.0. It is now stable enough to be used in production environments for websites of all shapes and sizes.

Almost every PHP Programmer will find Django’s feature base compelling enough to warrant at least keeping an eye on what it offers, let alone considering it as a future platform. However, its ease of use doesn’t stop there; if you are familiar with PHP/python syntax, then you should feel right at home using Django; the developers have gone out of their way to make sure that anyone who knows how to program python can also learn Django pretty quickly. 

Knowledge about ReactJS & AngularJS Frameworks

The ReactJS & AngularJS frameworks are very similar in how they work. They both offer easy ways to create interactive, stateful UIs that play well with asynchronous operations like making requests for additional data over the wire. Also, since most of the hard parts of building an app are abstracted with frameworks, you can build UI’s quickly and efficiently.

The real difference between the two is their approach. Angular implements complete MVC, whereas React implements just a View component of MVC. This means that when using React, you have more flexibility in structuring your app than if you were using Angular. Also, this means that React does not include rendering logic, which gives the PHP developer more freedom to do things than if they were using Angular.

Work on Linux

Understanding Linus is a key PHP programmer skill set because Linux has become incredibly popular for many reasons, including that it’s made to be heavily customizable. Linux also has no licensing fees, making it completely free for any user wanting to use it.

Linux is beginning to rise as a very popular operating system for many users, but one of the main concerns many users and developers have about Linux and open-source software is the lack of consistent support from hardware manufacturers such as Intel, which has led to slow adoption rates amongst home-users.

Will the current PHP Programmer skill be competent in future?

As the world evolves, so does technology. The future of software development is in flux, and experts are predicting what PHP skills will be necessary for the future. Experts predict that programming languages like PHP may no longer be relevant by this time because current popular coding languages such as Python or Ruby have emerged to take their place. 

Some believe there will still be a need for PHP programmers, but only if they use it with other technologies. Regardless, all developers should continually update their skill set to ensure they remain competitive in the labor market and adapt to new technological trends when needed.

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