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The previous year was quite eventful with some of the remarkable incidents stirring up the entire business landscape. The ripples were not only felt within our country but also by various other nations across the globe. Some of the crucial incidents like electoral situations in the US and Brexit left substantial impacts on the global economy. However, industry stakeholders decided to take the plunge and were brave enough to climb the growth curve. Tech innovations and automated technologies ruled the business arena, and new-age entrepreneurs leveraged them to take their ventures ahead. What we come across in around 2020 onwards is a major drive towards consolidating and strengthening the startup space. In spite of the financial downturns and fiscal debacles, effective recruitment technology trends didn’t slow down or come to a standstill.

Recruitment Technology Trends – The current Scenario

The current job market scenario presents a stable picture which is a great relief for both employers and talented candidates. If we take a look around and assess all the important factors involved in the growth of the recruitment sector, we are sure to identify some of the fascinating trends. Recruitment and hiring haven’t suffered losses. But, that can’t be said for all the industries or departments across industry verticals. Some of the sectors like automobiles and FMCG faced hurdles thus slowing down their internal recruitment to a great extent. Let’s not get into the details of market predictions now. We can always do that at a later stage of this blog. It’s time to track the top trends in recruitment technology, and that’s what we are going to do now!

Popular Recruitment Technology Trends 

There’s no denying the challenges faced by recruiters and hiring professionals. These people and organizations are facing and dealing with critical problems thus striving hard to find a way out. We all know that ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ Challenges and critical situations lead to effective solutions, and that is how things work.

The emergence of innovative technologies and automated processes have revolutionized hiring processes to a great extent. Some of them have been effective in unlocking new opportunities while others are improving efficiencies of existing resources. In a nutshell, all the tech innovations are working together to transform this sector for the better! Here are some of the top recruitment technology trends to watch out for in 2021!

1. Embracing Social Media

The unquestionable and unsurpassed popularity of social media channels is playing a remarkable role in this context. Recruiters are taking the social route to get in touch with top talents, engage in discussions with them, and also perform the hiring process.

Social media platforms and popular channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have unlocked new avenues for both employers and employees. While recruiters have the opportunity to evolve with the current trends, potential candidates can look for better offers without affecting their current jobs.

A quick look at stats will reflect the importance of social media for recruitment technology. According to a research report, a whopping  73% of candidates belonging to the 18-34 years of age bracket landed their dream jobs with the help of social media. Do we need to say more?

2. Fostering Interactions and Connections

A smart business owner or a leading brand will always want to expand their workforce and take their growth objectives to the next level. The first thing they will do is build up strong and efficient human resources. None other than an ingenious recruiter can understand the needs of an organization and offer targeted solutions. Human thinking was, is, and will continue to be an integral part of the process in 2021.

Automated recruitment solutions and innovative technologies are trying their best to bridge the gap between human thoughts and ML techniques. The latest AI systems are developed to comprehend the true intentions of a company through conceptual search modes and merge them with the creative thoughts of human recruiters.

As a result, some of the best employers are building strong and reliable connections with the right set of talents thus giving them a hang of their opportunities, pay-package, and perks.

What are the benefits?

Meaningful interactions and effective connections will have strong impacts on a company’s growth. Here are some of the benefits reaped by both parties:

  1. Talent pool: Potential hirers can shortlist the top talents and create a unique and reliable talent pool for their organizations.
  2. Generating awareness: Talented candidates will also know about the presence of better opportunities in the professional arena. They might not need a career shift, but the information is enough to make them think and rethink their present positions.
  3.  Better productivity: Positive interactions lead to a better understanding between employers and employees. Both can take advantage of the situation and achieve organizational and personal growth respectively.

While these are some of the benefits ensured by human interactions, here are some other recruitment technology trends to follow!’

3. Mobile Recruitment

With simple, intuitive, and interactive apps revolutionizing the business world, the recruitment industry isn’t quite far from reaping its benefits. Potential and prospective candidates can now apply for a specific post or job role right from their mobiles. Irrespective of a person’s location, a mobile device can help him apply and get selected for his dream job. Some of the leading job boards and websites offer personalized app-like experience, where applicants can hunt for the right opportunities amidst a pool of choices.

However, the application process will involve several steps like uploading CVs, submitting registration forms, uploading photos, and several other tasks. That will create the demand for a smooth, hassle-free, and easy application process. Dropbox and Google Drive are playing key roles in improving the application experience for candidates. More such sites and technologies will surely emerge.

4. AI or Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will surely garner a lot of attention in 2021, and it will prove to be beneficial in ways more than one. Undoubtedly, AI is one of the recruitment technology trends 2021. By automating the recruitment process and offering new ways to execute it, AI techniques will reduce the disparity in the hiring industry.

The absence of the right resources and appropriate technology in this field has created a great divide between supply and demand. AI aims to bridge this gap by bringing the recruiters and talents close to each other. AI systems and Machine Learning can help in the following ways:

  1. Shortlisting candidates: Automated screening process will shortlist the potential candidates thus preventing them from going unnoticed. Employers will get the desired time to do other significant tasks.
  2. Talent acquisition: Acquiring new talents will become a cakewalk for recruiters. They will gain access to crucial information and data thus analyzing the top market trends.
  3. Data analytics: BI and data analytics are at the heart of automated recruitment. You can employ chatbots to find out the best employees.

These ways define how Artificial Intelligence can prove to be an emerging trend in the recruitment industry.

5. Video Recruitment

While 2016 witnessed the inception of video calling and conferences in recruitment, 2021 will be the time for its growth. Video interviews can narrow down the entire process thus reducing workloads for both employers and employees. During the initial phases of hiring, recruiters have to deal with large data volumes and voluminous interview sessions.

Video conferences can cut down the time spent on those interviews thus increasing the productivity of recruiters. The potential candidates can sit in the comforts of their home, in a different location, or even in another country, and still give their best interviews through video conferencing. That saves their traveling time, energy, efforts, and expenses! Not to forget the value it adds to your organization or brand.

Hiring Boom or Mayhem?

Well, the year 2021 is a potpourri of mixed trends and analytics. We can refer to it as a mixed bag of crucial developments and areas of improvement. Although most of the sectors like recruitment, IT, and eCommerce are expecting considerable growth in their hiring requirements, some sectors like automobile and Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods will show a sluggish approach.

In spite of the presence of these pockets of improvement, the top trends in hiring technology will change existing processes to a great extent. Organizations on a local, national, and global scale will come forward, embrace these changes, and meet their staffing requirements successfully.

Recruitment Technology Trends – What’s Ahead?

If you are into recruitment and hiring, here’s an exceptional growth opportunity for you. Technology can be the biggest success driver if you know the art of utilizing it. These recruitment technology trends will rule the coming years and let’s hope they will also have a bright future ahead!

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