Why Job Boards Can’t Afford to Ignore JobsPikr?

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Job boards serve the indispensable function of connecting job seekers and employers without any hassles. It’s a simple and straightforward process to apply for a job vacancy through a job board. Even for employers, job boards present the opportunity of making their job vacancies known to millions of potential candidates in a matter of few clicks.

While some job boards cater to a wide range of industries, some focus on a particular niche. There are job boards serving each and every industry out there; you can check out our compilation of top 50 niche job boards to learn more. There are quite a good number of new job boards starting up frequently, adding up to the already fierce competition in this space.

The Game of Job Boards: Enhancing the USP

Job boards are on a fighting each other to secure the title of the one stop destination for all recruitment needs.

LinkedIn and Indeed are two of the major players in the recruitment arena that have significantly altered the status quo in the market. Indeed is no more focusing on a single service alone but is trying to aggregate as many job listings as possible to position itself as a global leader in the recruitment market. Some of the recent additions in Indeed’s feature stack include providing recruitment advice, recruitment data, salary survey, resumes, employer referrals and job trend page.

LinkedIn, being the frontrunner, is doing equally good with their professional social network. LinkedIn has come a long way and is now a place where people can connect, interact, source and refer each other. They are also expanding their job board by aggregating job postings from external sources.

While even the top players in the market have realized that the USP of a job board lies in the job listings available, it’s high time to set on a quest for acquiring job feeds. The more job listings you have on your job board, the more candidates are going to visit your website. The more candidates you have on your job board, more employers would want to post on your job board.

The best way to balance this equation is to fake it till you make it – you should aggregate job postings from external sources to enrich your job board. This is of course not easy to achieve. Let’s look at the challenges associated with extracting job postings from external sources.

Job Boards – The challenge

Acquiring job listings from external sources such as other job boards is not that easy. For starters, many of the top job boards such as LinkedIn disallow web scraping. But If you choose to extract the job listings from other less reliable ones, the quality and accuracy of the data will suffer.

The only viable solution is to extract job postings from job boards and company websites. This approach is likely to give you the best data possible with high accuracy and reliability. However, to work this out, you will have to invest in setting up an extensive web scraping infrastructure that can handle the scale of this operation. Some of the challenges with in-house web scraping are:

  • Maintenance of crawlers
  • Increased cost
  • Hiring, training and managing a team might be hectic
  • Scraping might hog on the company resources
  • Could affect the core focus of the organization
  • Infrastructure is costly

We created JobsPikr to help solve these issues for the job boards by presenting them with an artificial intelligence-based solution that’s fast, reliable and cost effective. JobsPikr runs on the AutoExtract algorithm which can intelligently crawl and extract the job postings from the career pages of thousands of company websites across the globe. Let’s see how JobsPikr can help your job board.

The JobsPikr Advantage

JobsPikr fetches the job listings from job boards and career pages of company websites, thereby improving the reliability of the data by miles. Here are some other unique benefits you can realize by using JobsPikr to aggregate job listings.

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Daily crawls ensure constant access to fresh job data
  • Fully automated solution
  • No maintenance required
  • Multiple data delivery formats for improved compatibility
  • Ready-to-use data
  • Highly reliable data
  • Cost effective solution

By leveraging the power of JobsPikr from PromptCloud to extract fresh job feeds, you can dramatically improve the quality of job listings present on your job board while enriching it with a large number of job postings. You can also take this up a notch and build a solid competitive advantage by creating a robust job matching service. Since the primary USP of any job board, irrespective of the niche it belongs to is the availability of high-quality job listings in sufficient quantity, aggregating job listings in an efficient manner is of paramount importance.


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