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Why Custom Job Wrapping is the Need of the Hour for Job Boards?

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Human resources. The human in human resources isn’t meant to do recurrent tasks. Especially those which have the highest room for error. And definitely, the ones that don’t require emotional stimuli. It is actually meant to maintain the cultural and emotional semblance of a company. On a more pragmatic note, what if there is a perfect candidate out there who is seeking the role at your company which is absolutely tailor-made for them? Chances are that they will probably never stumble upon your career page. Solution? Job boards. How? Let’s find out in this blog about how Custom Job Wrapping is becoming more and more essential for job boards today.

Job boards essentially list down all the jobs on the world wide web in one place. Job wrapping is the way to crawl job feed data from every company’s career page and recruiter websites. The job board is the end. Custom job scraping is the means to that end. Before we move onto describe in greater detail what job boards are and how job wrapping tools facilitate them, this is the ‘recurrent’ task we were describing in the beginning.

Why is Job Wrapping the Need of the Hour?

Recruitment is no longer that simple a game; there’s so much that’s changed so quickly. Jargon like employer branding, communication strategy, competitive intelligence, and Boolean search is being thrown around loosely, highlighting the need for job board through custom job wrapping to identify the disguised opportunities and leverage them to become leaders in their space.

And it is against such a complex and aggressive job market scenario that the need for job boards to connect the right talent with a recruiter arises. Job boards, through job aggregation and job wrapping, are helping recruiters find their way out of the maze of recruitment. But to do so, job boards themselves need to stay on top of the trends that govern their field today and ensure they’re doing what it takes to stay relevant.

Why is Job Wrapping Imperative?

Job wrapping tools can become the biggest disruptors in the hiring market. Job boards are no longer bulletins to list open spots: it has become one of the strongest marketing channels for employers. And as a direct consequence, recruiters expect customization and a whole lot of other ‘relevant to the current recruitment landscape’ supportive features from job boards. The job board must, therefore, rise up to the situation and boom their business by understanding and satisfying the unique demands of their clients.

Job wrapping as an HR tech tool has gone one step ahead. Dedicated and customized job wrapping solutions are the latest reconfiguration to be cashed in on. It is not enough to have a run-off-the-mill job wrapping service, it has to be customer and company-specific. It has to be exclusive to what you are looking for. One size doesn’t fit all anymore. That is why JobsPikr offers solutions that are made-to-order for your recruitment strategy.

Job Aggregation + Custom Job Wrapping = Match Made in Heaven

Most job board providers offer job wrapping as a secondary service and expect employers and recruiters to necessarily post their jobs on the job board’s platform to avail of the job wrapping services. This is where they miss the point. Job wrapping software amplifies the process, it enhances it. It is what makes it proportionately dynamic to the hiring market. It is not enough to choose a wrapped job software; you have to choose the job wrapping software.

The best job wrapping process will result in a significant surge in the relevancy of applicants, which will result in a more efficient hiring process. Through consistent efforts, you can now build a pipeline of capable candidates which will help with filling future roles faster and more importantly, better.

The Strongest Advocator for Job Scraping: LinkedIn

If the very mammoth of all things career, is using job wrapping; it probably tells you more than we could in over a thousand words and years. It is like arguing with Carrie Bradshaw about Chanel’s S/S 2018 collection.

This is the most sophisticated tool out there to seamlessly streamline and automate your entire hiring process. Job Wrapping is a service LinkedIn provides to automatically post jobs from your career pages into their job slots managed through LinkedIn Recruiter. They help you maximize the exposure of your company’s jobs and you get to work with real-time data to stay up to speed.

If you are a rapidly growing organization in a niche segment, (or a generic one!) you have to look at your hiring approach more efficiently. With a small team of recruiters and a large number of open roles. You are probably finding it increasingly difficult to spend quality time engaging with candidates.

Automation is the goal. Job wrapping is the smoothest path.

Embrace the change. It is the only way forward.

Analyse. Prioritise. Hire the best.


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