Why Job Boards are Betting Big on Job Wrapping

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Technological progress, demographic shifts, and geopolitical situations have a significant bearing on the global job market. As such, the pressure on both recruiters and candidates is enormous. Recruiters face a tough time alluring candidates with specialized skill sets, given the high demand for such talent. And it is against such a complex and aggressive job market scenario that the need for job boards to connect the right talent with a recruiter arises. Through job aggregation and job wrapping service, job boards are helping recruiters find their way out of the maze of recruitment. But to do so, job boards themselves need to stay on top of the trends that govern their field and ensure they’re doing what it takes to stay relevant. 

Job Board Trends in 2021

Job boards are the biggest disruptors in the hiring market. They have expanded the horizons of employers, taking them beyond the usual ATS and career sites. Gone are the days when job boards were nothing but a bulletin for online job ads. Today, job boards have become a marketing channel for employers. Consequently, recruiters expect customization and a whole lot of other ‘relevant to the current recruitment landscape’ supportive features from job boards. Therefore, job boards must rise to the situation, adapt to recent job market trends, and boom their business by understanding and satisfying their clients’ unique demands.

Shortly, job boards will be seen giving employers a platform to regularly establish their presence and register themselves as brands before candidates. To do so, job boards must ensure they’re:

  • Giving all job postings a consistent look and feel
  • Bringing forth the core values, culture, and uniqueness of the employer through emails and text messages
  • Promoting the employer’s potential before the job board’s audience through job fairs, web, and emails, etc.
  • Allocating a separate spot for the employer’s job postings on, say, the homepage of the job board
  • Enabling them to build a pipeline of candidates much before the need for them arises

Job boards are a boon for recruiters and employers that help them sail through the tides of competitive recruitment. The velocity at which new jobs are being created, the high volume in which they are being created, and the variety of sources that these job postings come from, all pose a significant challenge before the job boards. 

The Need for Job Wrapping Service

Job boards face a tough time in tracking down the innumerable job postings data across career sites, globally. The whole process is quite resource-intensive and quite frankly not the best utilization of a job board’s time. Data science and analytics help job portals in automating job data feeds. The purpose of a job board is to aid employers in their hunt for the best talent and not spend their valuable time searching for job postings. This is where the role of job wrapping service comes in.

Job wrapping, in simple words, is the process of capturing job postings from an employer’s website and posting them on a job board that the employer wants to advertise on. Job wrapping is an arrangement under which job postings and any updates on them are regularly reported from the employer’s ATS or career site on a designated job board. But that’s not it! Job wrapping service has a lot more to offer job boards:

  • Retains the entire format, spacing, and structure of the job ad created by the employer or recruiter
  • Retains the employer’s preferred method for accepting applications
  • Helps with improved SEO ranking for employers as it retains the SEO-ready ad copy in its entirety
  • It helps job boards by eliminating the need for their clients to spend time formatting ad copies to make them compatible with job boards. 
  • It gives a job board a complete job listing from the most coveted and top recruiters and employers
  • It makes your job board the number one choice for job hunters
  • Increases the hunting activity on the job board and, as a result, attracts more revenue-generating clients

Job Automation = Job Aggregation + Job Wrapping

Job wrapping service automates the entire process of finding and reporting job vacancies from the employer’s career site onto the job board. Job wrapping and automation makes the whole process smooth, seamless, and efficient. It scours the entire Internet for direct listings from recruiter or employer websites and puts them up on job boards. The whole process is automated, which means that right from identifying the job postings to bringing them to job boards to updating them as and when required, the job board has to get involved nowhere; the job wrapping service providers do everything on their behalf.

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