Why Job Boards Need to Adopt a Data-Driven Approach

Data Driven Recruitment

The process of recruitment has changed substantially since the advent of technology. Gone are the days when candidates used to visit offices with their resumes seeking their dream job. Or businesses using newspapers to advertise their job vacancies. They still do, but employers and candidates prefer online job boards as their primary source for recruitment purposes. This means job boards are flooded with data not only from candidates but from recruiters too. Job boards, need to properly utilize the power of data driven recruitment strategies they have at their disposal, or else they might become irrelevant. 

Job boards need to utilize data available to them to become industry leaders and become the preferred choice of recruiters and candidates. Data regarding job vacancies from the recruiter’s end and personal information from a candidate’s end can act as a gold-mine for job boards. Here are certain problems job boards might encounter if they don’t properly utilize the readily available data.

Challenges with Not Optimizing Data

Slow Job Updates

Manually checking through hundreds, if not thousands of employers’ websites for job vacancy listings is a tedious task. The job board can become sluggish and lag if they cannot quickly extract job listings and post on the job board. The job board will update new jobs slowly and lag behind in removing the already filled job vacancies from the job board. This can create a lot of confusion and frustration for employers as well as candidates. This will result in driving candidates and employers away from the job board. Real-time updates of jobs will fail, and the job board will always be one step behind the competition instead of it being the other way round.ob board

Job Duplication

It can so happen that an employer posts a single job vacancy at multiple places. An employers’ careers page isn’t the only place where job boards advertise their vacancies. Social media, third-party job listing sites, and LinkedIn are some of the other channels used by employers for their data driven recruitment needs. Thus, a single job can get listed multiple times on the job board, if the job board employs a free or DIY job wrapping for job automation tool. There can also be a scenario where the DIY job scraper might still display the job vacancy even if the position is filled. Job data duplication, too, is a significant reason.

Benefits of Data Driven Recruitment Approach for Job Posting Sites

Job boards must efficiently analyze and utilize the data available to them. Proper utilization of data can help in efficiently managing job boards. Job posting sites can reap the following benefits of efficient job data utilization:

Stay Ahead of the Competition

The exclusive job board is updated with the freshest vacancy with premium SaaS solution providers like JobsPikr. Our services streamline the job scraping and posting process by automating them. The job board will always be organized and structured with the latest vacancies. This helps attract a swarm of job seekers and job providers alike. Thus, the job board will always be a step ahead of competitors.

Have Quality Postings

Adopting a data-driven approach can result in the job board having high-quality job postings. A premium job scraping service provider can gather job data from the recruiters’ website. If there are any details missing in the job listing, it can automatically fill in the missing details. Thus, the job board will have complete information about every job posted on the job board. Candidates and recruiters prefer a well-organized job board with complete information. 

In today’s technological day and age, data is the king. Job boards can leverage data to devise a robust data driven recruitment strategy.

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