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Alternatives to Talent Neuron

Talent Neuron alternatives

Alternatives to Talent Neuron

Job scraping and mining services are in high demand today. Apart from the raw data, there are also multiple requirements for intelligent fact-finding applications built on top of it. These include tools that may help in 

  1. Figuring out the salary range that should be offered to engineers with specific experience.
  2. Creating recommendation engines that would match job applicants with job posts.
  3. Finding trends in sectors or industries using job data. This can be forecasting a recession or figuring out which industry will boom and which will fall in the next quarter.

Talent Neuron, which Gartner acquired in 2017, provides “Expert-Validated Labor Market Analytics for Talent Insights” as its major offering. It offers labor market data for sourcing critical talent, creating a hybrid hiring and location strategy, analyzing competitors, and planning hiring needs. The big news is that the company is being sold to Leeds Equity Partners, a leading name in the Knowledge Industries, no later than the first quarter of 2023. It’s worth noting that Talent Neuron was acquired as a part of CEB and was essential behind findings such as this one, which mentions how the average hiring period was 71 days in May 2019. 

Due to this new development, there’s uncertainty looming over the future of Talent Neuron and existing users of Talent Neuron are already on the lookout for alternative solutions.

The Common alternatives 

The talent intelligence industry is a booming one and it’s a large pond with many small and big fishes. Companies may use different tools and services based on pricing, add-on benefits, support, and other requirements. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the most popular services in the market– The company focuses on 4 major areas which include education, staffing requirements, economic development and workforce management. It provides complex and comprehensive data insights which are simple and easy to act on. It also offers tools that use job postings and real-world job profiles and skills to show the possible career trajectories that might be feasible. It identifies jobs using adjacent skills. This shows a clearer picture by adding more data such as demand and compensation. It offers 4 possible job-to-job movements for every profile- 

  1. Similar job profile.
  2. Lateral transition to a different role which requires a similar skill set. 
  3. Advancement in current role.
  4. Lateral advancement that requires movement to different but advanced roles. This AI-based talent intelligence platform has clients like Activision, Dolby, Vodafone and Capital One to its name. They claim to increase internal mobility by up to 25%, cut talent acquisition time by up to 90%, reduce hiring costs by 60% and match job seekers to job postings at any scale. Their single AI Platform can be used by employees, contractors, candidates, and individuals wanting to perform market research alike. Their products, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Flex and Workforce Exchange are based on the 4 offerings mentioned above. They also offer algorithms like the Equal Opportunity Algorithm that help companies in ensuring that each person can achieve their full potential irrespective of their background. 

The services are based on neural networks (that use deep learning algorithms) that are trained on more than a billion profiles, billions of data points from around the globe and more than a million unique skills. This ensures bias-free and data-driven insights for all clients.

Claro Analytics- Claro Analytics provides a “360° workforce-intelligence-platform” that helps you dive into hiring trends, salaries and talent available in your region. Its major use cases include–

  1. Handling diversity targets and initiatives for companies.
  2. Delivering insights into industry-wide and company-specific hiring trends.
  3. Specific algorithms that increase retention rates.
  4. Labour market data via API access.
  5. Location of talent and the latest compensation metrics and trends.

To enable the 5 points above, Claro works on improving marketing and recruitment ROI and ensuring better decision-making through data instead of gut feelings. Real-time KPI monitoring helps HR teams make split-second decisions. The advantage of being able to connect to existing ATS, HRIS or CRM software is a bonus. Some of the real-time insights that are provided are–

  1. Insights about your current workforce and forecasting changes and needs.
  2. Real-time insights about how your present workforce compares to your competitors in terms of attrition rates, salaries, and skill sets.
  3. An in-house prediction algorithm called Job Seeking Sonar identifies which employees may be at risk of quitting. This can enable you to start the hiring process much earlier.

SkyHive- Skyhive provides global workforce data on a real-time basis. This is done using complex graphs that show jobs, skills, salaries and other data points. It helps you identify talent hotspots in the same city or cities near you which may help you decide where to open the next office. But first, it ensures that you can retain valuable talent by creating internal mobility pipelines as well as reskilling opportunities for those who might be interested in growing within the organization.

Automating the generation of job posts once you have all the existing data in your system is a bonus that may decrease the time required to create new posts for the latest positions. The usual tools for matching jobs to talent, getting the latest labor market scenario and new trends are also available on this platform.

Talismatic- Talismatic helps recruiters, educators and students use job market data along with the latest findings built on top of the data. It provides job market analytics which includes 30k+ skills, 100k+ job roles, 250M+ data points and a staggering 4M+ active job listings. Research work based on labor data and generating reports is a breeze using their regional market analytics data, demand and supply forecasts, and problem-specific data and solution availability. 

LinkedIn Talent Insights- Recruiters, analysts, professionals and leaders use Linkedin TI for data-driven decision-making. Given that most of them already use Linkedin for applying to jobs, posting jobs and hiring candidates, it is much easier to use the same platform. Talent Insights helps manage and recruit talent by–

  1. Providing details of the best skills to learn or the career paths to undertake to make oneself most hireable.
  2. Helping managers structure their existing workforce so that every team works most efficiently.
  3. Improving the hiring pipeline using data by improving metrics such as hiring timelines.
  4. Enabling companies to rework sourcing and employer branding in terms of hiring using current data.

Talent Insights uses data from LinkedIn Profiles that have company names and details tagged to them. All the information is aggregated, normalized and standardized to get a macro-level comparison dashboard.

JobsPikr-  This AI-powered no-frills solution created by our team is focused on providing demand-based insights in the labor market. Its primary advantage comes from the billions of data points that have been sourced over the years, thus adding reliability to the insights provided.  Interestingly, it’s the only platform we know that covers all markets including US, EU, APAC, and more. Due to our proprietary machine learning models that leverage our scraping expertise of over a decade, the platform provides a lot of enriched data derived from the job description  like salary ranges, required skills and certifications, etc from the demand side. JobsPikr data is refreshed by the hour, thus allowing fresh and instant insights. Since recency is an integral part of the insights it provides, JobsPikr’s applicability increases for use cases that require constant monitoring of trends like in the talent intelligence or labor market analytics industries. Additionally, it also allows you to draw out historical trends to analyze the evolving job market landscape.  – The major use cases include 

  1. Location assessment for expansion 
  2. Identifying the in-demand skills and positions 
  3. Analyzing competition which is hiring similar talent 
  4. Salary benchmarking.

The benefits of choosing JobsPikr

The uniqueness of JobsPikr arises from the major services that can be modeled on top of its data–

  1. Optimizing workforce productivity- Creating a people’s strategy using data would help recalibrate career mapping when you are looking at a pool of requirements. You could easily tag existing employees who can be moved up or laterally and then decide which profiles from the external side match your prerequisites like salary, experience and location.
  1. Modernising Salary benchmarking- New age salary benchmarking includes internal equity, compensation, as well as perks. Insights into how your competition or your sector is paying its employees can be vital to retaining talent as well as ensuring those that you hire do not drop off at the last moment.
  1. Data-backed decisions- Sudden changes to the talent network can be caused by an event like Covid. This may throw your talent planning haywire unless you have a BCP and a Talent Management Plan in place. These plans need to be agile enough so that they can be molded and changed in trying times. Real-time data can help identify such challenging situations beforehand if you have a forecast modeling that can feed on the live data stream provided by our team at JobsPikr.

JobsPikr allows access to both JobsPikr Insights for the various use cases discussed here, as well as the data feeds via our own API if you already have an application layer based on your specific use case.

When there are multiple options in the market, there might be a lot of overlap and even a bit of oversaturation. In such conditions, it is beneficial for companies and individuals to first study the tool or DaaS solution that they want to use and verify if it fulfills all the requirements. Another major aspect is integration. Having a solution that integrates via a universally accepted approach like API provides the much needed flexibility, and will enable you to change the Data Provider later on if needed. Customization, reliability of data and simplicity of use are also aspects that you need to look at before finalizing a Talent Intelligence Platform for Labour Market Analysis.  JobsPikr covers all of these requirements that we mentioned above and then goes a mile.

Want to know how? Reach out to our team using the link below to witness the power of data.

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