Are Job Boards Becoming the First Choice During Pandemic?

job board sites

Introduction To Job Board Sites

Job board for recruiters and candidates have become the first choice for both during the pandemic. And why not, job boards help recruiters and candidates easily find each other across industries and hierarchies. The time and resources saved on finding and connecting with the right connect, is probably what making job board sites the most attractive. We will talk in length on certain points of how job boards can help all the parties in question:

Notifying Candidates on New Opportunities from Top Recruiters and Job Board Sites

Job seekers spend the majority of their time researching for the right job match on multiple job boards, job websites, and company pages. Both times consuming as well as cumbersome processes, and often resulting in missing the latest job listing. Job notifications are the perfect solution here.

Job boards usually provide personalized job-notifications to candidates, matching their profile with the latest openings. Similarly, recruiters are also notified when candidates view or apply to jobs that they have posted. Saving time and trouble for both!

job board sites

Providing Candidates With Better Understanding of Requirements In a Sector

Be it IT, aviation, education industry, every sector has its basic technical requirement from candidates. Job boards can help job seekers understand these requirements better and prepare accordingly.

For candidates, being aware of the knick-knacks and acing an interview becomes easier with this information. Guiding such talented individuals, not only help them but also enable companies which are trying to fill their vacancies with better fitment.

job board sites

Helping Recruiters with Remote Hiring Features

Let’s be honest, remote hiring is not an easy task. More often than not, recruiters do not have the appropriate tools for hiring through this new medium. As a job board, you can provide recruiters with specific features that would ease up their hiring process. A checklist to fill up while they interview candidates! Tools for online interviews or even help them create a questionnaire or a code based exam for applicants!

These features can be offered at an additional cost, or as add-ons with the recruitment fees. Benefiting recruiters and also improving the hiring-timeline, thereby providing relief to the job applicants.

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Providing Dashboards to Candidates and Reports to Recruiters

Layoffs during the pandemic have created a huge gap in the demand-supply for open jobs. The rate of daily applications has gone up drastically. Making tracks, reviewing job applications a nightmare for both parties.

That’s not all. Finding the right openings before other applicants flood the channel, review the application stage with every job posting, is manually impossible.  The job board sites can provide simple solutions like a candidate dashboard to view, filter, sort, match, apply, and track the relevant opportunities.  

Likewise, a dashboard that displays the number of candidates, their profiles, fitment, and tracks the hiring process and allows report generation, can prove to be a boon for recruiters.

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Using Location-Based Services to Fill Up Immediate Requirements

COVID-19 has also created a massive demand for certain sectors, especially delivery and medical jobs. These industries witnessed a huge gap in the number of jobs and applicants.

But here’s the catch, in such emergencies, companies prefer candidates who live in the vicinity and are readily available to be interviewed and join work immediately. Job board sites can provide tags like “Immediate requirement” and use GPS data to compare Candidates. You Can Even Go One Step Further, Create A List Of Candidates Who Are Closest To The Job-Site And Notify Both The Candidate And The Recruiter.

job board sites

Conducting Online Job Fairs for Recent Graduates Through Job Boards

Recent graduates are one of the worst affected at the time of Corona. As the major job fairs and college recruitments are on hold, job board sites can play the role of the matchmaker here.

You can host an online job fair by bringing fresh graduates and recruiters from various companies to your platform. It will be more efficient as your website can handle the file submissions and the first round of basic questions. Companies can shortlist candidates whom they find promising and take those applicants to the next stage.

Job Board Sites: The Way Ahead

This pandemic has brought about a massive shift in how the industries ran their businesses. It is expected that certain positions shall become redundant whereas newer opportunities shall open up. Job board sites have never been more active and important than now. With opportunities, comes responsibilities. Quality check of job data sources, updated job listings, and real-time job postings can make a job board more efficient, effective and in turn, profitable.

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