The Best Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Job Board

Promote Job Board

So, you have tackled the big whale. You have built a spectacular job board, you have taken the best of all worlds, you have it dressed to the nines. But what good is it really if people don’t know about it? You have to do it justice by an impeccable marketing plan in place. In this blog, JobsPikr takes a look at the best marketing strategies to promote your job board.

We’ve also developed a very particular pet peeve. We hate it when we visit a website and can’t ascertain in ten seconds or less what they actually do. The user’s attention span is getting shorter by the minute. Marketing a job board isn’t a child’s play, but we have got you.

Before you start your marketing campaigns, build it from the ground up. Look at your product as a prospective consumer first. Is navigating your job board intuitive? Why do you prefer this to the others in the market? Does it sing to you as a wary applicant trying their luck for the umpteenth time?

We don’t mean to catch you off-guard. And like we said, we got your back, Jack. Here’s a comprehensive list of all things you need to ace the marketing game.\

How to Promote Job Board

1. Issue a Press Release When You Launch a Job Board

Celebrate the little things with announcements. Show that you have arrived. Get it out there. The power of good PR is unparalleled. Whether it is the launch of your job board or the fact that you hooked in the biggest fish in the market or its just a little tweak in the brand core. Don’t cast it aside. There is a gamut of free press release sites where you don’t have to break the bank just yet.

2. Buyer Persona

Sounds easy? Wait till you actually get to it. The trick? Buyer persona!

What actually is that, you wonder? Well, it is essentially a methodology through which you determine the online personality of your actual target audience.  This way your ads have the right messaging and show up on the right profile. It is great for retargeting as well. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

The important filters to track in your John Smith’s online journey is:

  • Age range
  • Location umbrella
  • Gender skewness
  • Activities on social media
  • Interests
  • Engagement proclivity
  • Income group

You should multiple personas for both applicants and clients since those are two completely separate goals.

This data will be a gold mine for your long-term marketing strategies. There are a lot of templates available online for you to choose from.

3. Choose the Best Marketing Platforms

Now that you’ve built the personas, identify some key places where your audience lives where you could potentially market your job board. Some important categories to think of are:

  •             Direct Outreach (Phone, Email, Direct Mail)
  •             BTL: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
  •             SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click)
  •             Google Discovery and Display Ads
  •             Off-line ATL: (Billboards, Subway Ads)

ATL marketing is slowly paving the way to BTL marketing. The entire world is not is not your customer. Narrow it down. Optimise each ad sound to get more bang for your buck.

4. Objective and Goals To Promote Your Job Board

There’s no point in having a job board marketing strategy if you’re just going to throw things at the wall hoping that something would stick. You have to see how each campaign performs, what decides how it performs, and how to modify it to get optimum results.

How do you have tactile and measurable goals at each step? Pre-determine what matters most to you. It could be sales. It could be establishing your brand image.

5. Experiment With the Promotion of Your Job Board

You’d be surprised at how marketing a job board can be really counterintuitive sometimes. The way people consume content online and the way they choose to interact with is very difficult to preempt.

The words? A/B testing.

The budget has been set. The content created. Now it is time to test the waters. A/B testing is nothing but changing the one variable you want to test while keeping the rest fixed. It can be something as big broad as TG and as granular as the colour of your template.

Get your inner nerd on and prepare to be bedazzled!

6. Balance The Marketing Strategies that will help To Promote Your Job Board

Job boards have their own set of fun challenges strewn all over.

You have to satisfy two key stakeholders: companies and applicants. They have to grow in tandem. Sounds like a Herculean task? Focus groups and research.

Ground-level research is imperative, but don’t forget micro level research at every level. No matter what the question, you audience has all the answers.

7. Organic Reach And Digital Publicity

There’s only so much money you can pump into reaching out to a larger audience. Content that gathers engagement in terms of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ have a compounding effect.

User-Generated Content (UGC) will be your strongest armor. People intrinsically trust reviews and ratings from fellow buyers more than from the brand. Incentivize it!

Digital publicity is your brand perception. Cash in on that. #shotonaniphone, rings a bell?

If all this sounds too much to take in one go, breathe. Remember the golden circle of marketing: why, how, and then what. Talk about why you have built this job board, what drove you and what the inspiration was. Then how you did it. And then about your job board itself.

The story is paramount, everything else is secondary.

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