Best HRIS System for Small Business (SMBs)

hris for small business

Human Resource Information System or Human Resource Management System is replacing the lousy paper files and excel sheets. But choosing the right HRIS for small businesses can be a serious gamble. The process can be overwhelming for many. The thought of buying a complete package just to find a glaring loophole making the whole purchase worthless can be distressing. 

Choosing the right HRIS for small businesses is just like online shopping. It is easy to shop online and yet choosing something unseen can be worrisome. The thought of being misled with incorrect details can be concerning. Also, unlike online shopping, it is not possible to return HRIS. Customizing it as per your requirements can be time-consuming. 

So, instead of trying to find the most expensive and popular enterprise-level HRIS software with your limited budget, choose a cloud-based HR software solution that can easily solve all your problems.

In case you need assistance, take a look at our list of best HRIS software for small businesses to choose the one that fits your bill. 

1. Rippling

Rippling is one of the most affordable choices when it comes to HRIS for small businesses. It has some exciting and useful features for small businesses. The software is ideal for all sizes of businesses. However, the best thing about the software is it is scalable. With the software, you can enjoy global payroll and professional employer organization service for international contractors. It allows easy software and hardware access.

rippling hris for small business

Rippling has icon-driven software that is easy to use. So, it is ideal for companies and businesses using a different program. 

The starting price of Rippling is $10 per month. Following that it charges for benefits administration, modules for payroll, etc. Hence, it might appear to be an inexpensive option but might soon get expensive. 

Here are some of the best Rippling features for those looking for HRIS for small businesses. 

  • Pre-Hiring and Strong Hiring Tools: The base employee database enables you to organize and store data and formulate a robust onboarding process. In case your organization is hiring a large number of employees, add an applicant tracking tool. 
  • Payroll Add-On- Even though payroll is not included in the standard packages, it is available as an additional feature in all 50 states and includes direct deposits, tax filing, garnishments, and multiple job codes. 
  • Solid Software Integration: In case you work with a different application, Rippling is an effective choice as it integrates over 600 business programs, including G-Suite, Slack, and other popular apps. When added to the App Management module, it can easily grant new employees access to the software they require as a part of the onboarding process. 
  • Learning Management: Rippling has a learning management program. So, it has a complete list of compliance training programs. This includes cybersecurity training, harassment training, and more. It has collaborated with Go1 to buy custom course bundles of more than 70,000 courses. 

2. Zenefits

When more features are added, Zenefits can get pricier, while payroll is an extra add-on. However, it is integrated with 50 different business applications. Hence, Zenefits is good for businesses that might have a payroll system in place and would just like HR functionality. With the Growth plan, you can get access to the most important functions that will help you manage employees. Zenefits’ transparent pricing makes it convenient to sign up and knows what you are paying for.

zenefits hris for small business

This HRIS for small businesses has a three-level plan and add-on programs. All plans include onboarding, hiring, an employee directory, scheduling, basic reports, and document storage. Another striking feature of the software is it offers a reduced price for temps and contract workers. Its essentials cost $10 per employee and per month and growth costs 18% per employee and per month. 

Now, let’s check out the features in Zenefits-

  • Communication and Record-Keeping: It includes a Slack-style communication hub for one-to-one group communications and document storage. 
  • Talent Management: Formulate offer letters using the template. This makes it easier for employees to onboard all by themselves using onboarding forms, checklists, and e-signatures. The HRIS also takes care of background checks. Apart from ADP, Zenefits only takes care of global onboarding. 
  • Performance Management: When it comes to performance management, it is 360. There are reviews by peers, managers, and also employees. The HRIS has a compensation management tool that will help in retaining the best employees. 

3. Paychex

In case you have specific needs, this HRIS for small businesses can create a customized plan. It provides hundreds of functions in payroll, HR, and compliance support. Paychex also provides a wide range of benefits. Thus, it is a good choice for businesses looking for a full-service HRIS, which might grow from a small startup to a midsize or large business. But remember that the pricing isn’t completely transparent and might change every year. 

Paychex’s site enlists three versions of the Flex program; However, it doesn’t mention the price. To get customized pricing, you will have to get in touch with them.

paychex hris for small business

Check out the Paychex feature below-

  • Payroll- Attendance and time tracking feed into the payroll directly. It allows you to pay workers by direct deposits, check, or pay cards. The software can take care of new hire forms and tax filing.
  • Talent Acquisition: Paychex offers hiring services, such as applicant tracking and job posting. 
  • HR Tools: Business forms and Paychex and labor compliance posters can help in keeping the workers informed. The learning management and performance management workforce will help in maintaining a well-trained workforce. With this software, you can also get HR consulting. 

Bottom Line: Best HRIS for Small Businesses

Most HRIS for small businesses cover the basics, such as onboarding, employee communication, performance management, and PTO. But others come with payroll and learning management features. If you have to choose the right HRIS for your organization, you have to consider the price and features you are getting. It is necessary to check if the software you are choosing covers your requirements with the ability of future growth. 

When you choose the right HRIS software for your organization, you can simplify the mundane administrative tasks for all HR managers. Thus, they can concentrate better on your people.

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