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Labor Market Intelligence Simplified with Comprehensive Job Data

labor market intelligence

Labor market analysis can help enterprise leaders develop and improve business strategy, recruitment planning, hiring decisions, and identify and nurture the best workforce for the organization. Since the currently available data for effective labor analytics is limited to government data which is retrospective, fresh job data provided by JobsPikr accumulated from popular job boards can make for an effective alternative. Labor market intelligence includes the important skills, demand share of different industries, compensation structures per industry, job titles in demand and other global or regional trends in the hiring space.

Get Comprehensive Labor Market Intelligence

Every day the web accumulates hundreds of thousands of job listings (and many duplicates as well). Because of the sheer volume, it can be a daunting task to uncover new leads. And that’s where JobsPikr’s cutting edge technology can help. The automated job data delivery via JobsPikr is essentially a big data tool for new business development, competitive intelligence, and labor market research.

1. One central data hub for any granular search

JobsPikr ensures that the job listings available across the web reside in a centralized, aggregated, and deduplicated data hub. The ultimate goal here is to ensure that the search for data is smooth yet highly detailed on a need basis. Our machine learning engine is improving by crawling millions of job posts and based on our domain knowledge of the job market this data is getting enriched with valuable metadata. This delivers further value over the raw data and makes labor market intelligence analysis easier.

2. Locate hot regions

Identifying hot jobs and the region where more hot jobs get posted will help staffing companies optimize their lead generation campaigns. By analyzing various data points included in the job data feeds schema, recruitment companies can set up an analytics system to automatically identify regions with higher demand for the workforce.

3. Get Automated Notifications on Job Posting Patterns

You can now easily follow the job posting pattern of competitors, customers, partners, and prospects by building a highly specific search query and scheduling the same for automated delivery. Over time you can collect job data for your target companies and analyze the data to get hard-to-find insights.

4. Identify Opportunities With a High Probability of Conversion

Job postings that remain active after a month or a couple of weeks indicate that the associated job vacancies are hard to fulfill. This is the most relevant opportunity for recruitment companies to spring into action. JobsPikr can be set up to download certain jobs automatically and receive notifications in case they are still open after a pre-defined number of weeks.

Labor Market Intelligence – The Summary

This would help you identify prospects with the highest possibility of becoming your client. Also, the JobsPikr search panel option that allows you to filter the job listings based on the availability of the contact information gives an added advantage in terms of minimizing the time and effort required to get in touch with the lead.

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