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You know the pitfalls of creating something that truly plugs in a major consumer need gap? There will be a sudden influx of people doing the same. And eventually your first mover advantage shall dilute. Then what, you ask? That is where you have to understand what it is that your customer actually seeks. In the case of job boards, UX and UI is given a lot of weightage as it serves as the primary touchpoint for the customers (both job givers and job seekers) and is influential in attracting as well as retaining users.  Let’s have a look at the powerful Job Board Features in detail.

More so in the case of retention. With your job board getting less than 10 seconds to keep an active job seeker interested, web-based businesses like job boards are best when frequently improved. Basis changing expectations and the it’s super dynamic nature. However, this includes the often neglected but very critical backend capabilities given that the front-end is easier to tweak than the the backend. While the interface of your job board engages your users, the backend offers the basic functionality that your customers need and seek. In order to build a truly differentiated platform, you need the the following backend (and frontend, of course) capabilities to run a successful job board:

Must-Have Job Board Features

1. Resume Screening and Filtering 

There will always be a major difference (quantity and not quality) between the number of job postings and the number of applicants. There might be some which are just highly irrelevant as job seekers apply to just about any opening in desperate times. This is quite a bummer for recruiters. They actually might miss out on relevant candidates in the barrage of irrelevant ones. Therefore, your job board should have automated resume-screening capabilities. The way to do that is fairly simple. Only applications with relevant keywords will be selected and the rest will get weeded out.  It is one of the powerful job board features that most competitors possess.

Tools like applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter out irrelevant applications can be used. It can find keywords that you mentioned in the job description in applications to determine which candidates have the necessary skills for the position. The first level filtering is thus done for the recruiters and they can spend their precious time in adding value where codes cannot. This will ultimately lead to the shorter hiring process and reduced costs per hire. Which will ultimately lead to more recruiters buying ad spaces on your job board. 

2. Job Posts Scraping

You can’t just have a whole list of job postings on your job board. It has to be under proper categories and sub-categories. You cannot possibly do that manually. As you on-board more and more recruiters on your platform, you need to ensure that your job board has the capabilities to auto segregate it based on the keywords used in the job descriptions. This will make a world of difference to the job seeker. Job feed data will segment it into pre-defined formats and post it on your board. All available data fields can be covered in this process. This is Machine Learning 101. Define tasks, do it once, and let the bot simplify your life. Job posts scraping is one among those Job board features that helps gain a competitive advantage.

3. Job Board Features – Reporting and Analytics

You own a business. A digital business at that. You have to promote it on digital platforms. You also might want to promote individual job postings on your platform. But you can’t keep throwing money on the wall hoping something might stick. You need to know what communication is working. You need to make buyer persons. You need to A/B test every ad. You need to acquaint yourself with your consumer’s psyche enough to maximise RoI. We don’t need to tell you that data driven decisions are the best decisions. That is like saying that the sun shines in the morning. But at least by tracking all your ad campaigns, you will get the maximum bang out of your buck. It is just about knowing exactly what your consumer seeks and making start data backed decisions

The best news? You can see exactly how each job posting is performing right at your backend by integrating third party reporting platforms. This way you can also impart invaluable suggestions to the recruiters. 

4. Loyalty Models 

Most web-based models work on a freemium model. You have the basic services for free, but for premium services (like the analytics dashboard we mentioned in (3)) the clients needs can be lured to pay a little extra. Value enhancing services will help you build loyalty programs and retain clients. It is a win-win. These employers or job seekers could also be assigned an assistant to help them get the absolute best match. Think of it like a premium dating app service! And you have the real power because of the thorough database you have created of prospective employees. Even past data can be used to generate additional revenue. You could simply just give a recruitment manger access to this pool. And they can then select what works for them best.

But do remember to keep the navigation as intuitive as possible!

5. Job Board Features – API Integration

Application Program Interfaces (API) allows you to integrate other complementary third-party applications and websites for a more seamless and comprehensive experience for all stakeholders. API integration capabilities will empower you to export and import any job data feed information from and to any platform. 

For instance, you can set up extensions to send newsletters to your talent pool to keep them acquainted with the industry. You can then tailor that into a marketing strategy by sending them job openings (most suited to them, of course) along with the monthly newsletter. Gone are the times where we could rely on just a singular source to find the perfect match. The entire consumer journey has to be mapped. And API enables you to do just that. 

6. Job Data Aggregation

By very definition, job boards need to crawl data from all job listings across the world wide web and be as exhaustive as possible. To hold true value, that is. How do you do that? Web scraping services why of course. This is the only way in which you can keep up with the dynamism and collect real time data. Antiquated data can be the death of your job board. You’ve got to keep up. 

If you have all the aforementioned job board capabilities, you will be a force to reckon with. All you need is a little help. And JobsPikr is here to do exactly just that!

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