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The presence of a plethora of job boards and other online recruiting solutions for the modern man means no more “hitting the streets”. You can now search for jobs in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee in your hand, tapping away at the keyboard. Employers provide means to search for the perfect fit for their company. Candidates to have a variety of options to choose their dream job. Different websites provide both paid or unpaid solutions. Articles catering to the specific demands or necessary skills of an industry educate the prospective employee and aid in job search. 

All the candidate needs to do is educate himself and learn as much as possible before applying for the role. In a nutshell, this is how the recruitment industry works.     

How Candidates Are Finding Job Search Easier

Innovation in recruitment strategies has led to the betterment of both job seekers and employers. Some of the many advantages that candidates can use today are-

Variety of Job Listing

Competing job boards make it a point to update their websites to provide the best user experiences and bring in more traffic. Job boards and recruitment agencies generally scrape data off company websites or other job feeds and features them on their website. As such, job seekers always get an updated feed. Thus, they can apply to many job listings in one place. Every day, analysts weed out old ones and feature the new listings. A steady job feed allows the seeker to always look out for newer opportunities and locate the opportunity as soon as it arises.       

Candidate-Friendly Features

More often than not, job seekers apply to as many jobs as possible to get the best of their available options. It is then that features such as the dashboard come in handy. It not only helps you to keep track of your applications but also updates the stage each application is on. For example, let us suppose a candidate has applied for a job, given an interview for the same and shortlisted for the job. in two more, he will accept the interview stage; in a few others, he is a waitlisted candidate. Such information is difficult to keep track of manually and the easy-to-understand dashboard becomes a boon. Automated job scraper can help firms in streamlining the recruitment processes.
The candidate can plan his next steps when informed about his status.

Historical Data Usage

Historical data has always been of major help to analysts. In the case of job seekers too, it plays a crucial role as data related to previous hiring. It analyzes each profile and calculates the probability of getting selected for a job based on various metrics. While the metrics fluctuate according to the whims of the employer, at least the candidate gains a fair idea of his position. Different websites like LinkedIn not only show you your probability of getting hired for a role compared to other people who have applied to the same job, but also the skills you need to improve to increase your chances of getting hired.   

Availability of Filters

Most jobs board feature jobs from different sectors and industries. One such website is Indeed. However, a candidate can select his chosen industry in the filters to sieve through the numerous job posts. Other metrics such as location, experience, work-hours are also available and the candidate can tweak each of this to his own needs. Let us suppose you are looking for data science jobs in New York, and you happen to have work experience of four years. Then, you can apply these filters and obtain the personalized list for you to choose your preferred options from. 

Niche Job Board

While Indeed or features all kinds of job search, others cater to and specialize in a specific industry. For example,  TalentZoo is limited to advertising and marketing, Culintro caters to the culinary industry. These niche job boards do not just feature listings, but also carry articles and posts on breakthroughs, techniques, and skills. Some industries like data science, aviation, and media have very unique hiring strategies and the applicants are usually specific to this industry, and hence these niche job boards help the candidates to a large extent.

Ease of Getting Hired with Job Search

Being able to apply to job search online has greatly increased the number of jobs that one can apply to at a time and in turn, also increased the chances of getting hired. Since data on the internet is free, jobs portal has negated costs for candidates by offering their services for free or a small fee.

Absence of Bias

While agencies tasked with getting candidates for companies, the “human touch” involved usually means a degree of bias. However, since data and intelligent algorithms are usually the only filters that do the first round of shortlisting today. Individuals have a lesser chance of facing bias when they are trying to get hired. This is particularly beneficial to candidates from deprived communities. Favoritism or discrimination holds no ground anymore. 

Job Search Made Easier

It is not just the recruitment industry that has benefited from data and analytics but also job seekers. The vast amount of data present on the internet has allowed applicants to choose from. Preferences have chosen to understand the requirements for the role. The digitized world is a world of ease and while candidates get everything at their fingertips. It is important to remember that consistent growth and desire to learn to make you good at what you do. Making use of both data and analytics is the way towards the future. 

An up-to-date job search and job feed is important for a good job board. It holds itself accountable to job seekers as well. Our team at PromptCloud helps provide job feeds using its solution JobsPikr, which provides a continuously updated stream of jobs. “Automated Job Discovery Tool helps in fetching job listings by name, location, and the title” etc.. This helps the job’s board stand apart from the rest.

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