How Job Searching Can Increase Your Productivity

Job Searching

Introduction To Job Searching

Job Searching used to be a very daunting task but thankfully, with the advent of the Internet, it has transformed into something much easier to handle. In the past, you would have had to spend quite a hefty sum to avail the services of a recruitment agency who would then send you off to interviews, or scourge through newspapers looking for job advertisements. But the Internet has awarded you with many options scattered throughout its many websites. 

The ease of job search in recent times entails a lot of advantages for the job seeker. Today we shall discuss ten such advantages that increase productivity and do not disrupt the daily life of job seekers. 

  • Makes Job Search Much Easier

The basic advantage would have to be the simplicity of applying to a job online. One-click of a button and you see hundreds of job listings, another and you have submitted your resume to an employer. You like three other listings too, so you send your resume to all three. Now, you wait to see if you are eligible for an interview. Often, the employer would simply call you or conduct a Skype meeting. If you fit the company, you will land the job. If not, you can go on to apply for more jobs. A click on your computer, and in some cases, your smartphone opens you to a world of opportunities.   

  • An Option To Search Jobs Using Keywords

Online job search allows unique features that make life easier for job seekers. One of these is the option to search for jobs using specific keywords. For example, you can type the three words- “data scientist, python, New York” and a job search portal would show you the job listings where a data scientist required, having experience in Python in the city of New York.

  • Apply To Jobs Anytime

Since everything happens at the tip of your fingers, you are free to apply to jobs at any time of the day. For someone who is currently employed but looking for better opportunities, this means going about your job all through the day, returning home and then applying according to your convenience. No matter when you apply, your application will get added to the pile and reviewed as long as you submit within the deadline.

  • The Availability Of Multiple Filters During Job Searching

Are you a writer looking for work around Delhi? Just go to any job portal of your choice and specify your preferences. You could use the location filter and narrow down the results to show you available jobs in Delhi, or use the pay filter to specify the pay you expect from a prospective employer, and more. With these filters, you are not just setting down your choices, but also saving time as the site brings you jobs according to your wishes. Job boards or job aggregators can now locate job listings that cater to you, thus narrowing down the wide pool of choices. Filters can even allow you to search for temporary jobs, internships, work-from-home jobs, and more.

  • Option To Use Niche Job boards While Job Searching

Online job search gives you the means to apply for jobs in fields you specialize in. If you are a chef, looking to work in a better restaurant you can go to Culintro that caters specifically to the food and beverage industry. If you are an Android developer, go to Dice that primarily deals with the tech world. These niche job boards do not simply allow you to search for job listings but also keep you updated on your industry. The websites form a niche digital world of their own and any employer looking to hire is sure to list their job advertisements in the same. 

  • No More Anxious Job Searching Days

Online job search alleviates your “job-search anxiety”. Want to know how? Features such as the dashboard, Application Tracking System (ATS) keeps you updated on your status. All your applications kept in a single folder and any changes reported to you immediately. Say you have applied for four jobs. The ATS feature will allow you to know which ones you shortlisted for, called for an interview or rejected from. With this in mind, you can proceed how you see fit- apply to other jobs or take up more skills about your field to stand out from the rest. 

  • Create a profile online and apply to multiple jobs

Most job boards allow you to create a profile where you can set down your work experience, educational qualifications, hireable skills and more. According to overall performance, you are given a grade based on the strength of your profile. When applying for a job. You can compare the prerequisites they have set down and whether your profile matches that using your grade. Thus, you come to know whether or not you are qualified enough for a job listing. 

  • Find Out How You Compare To The Rest Of The Crowd

When applying for a job. It is given that the best applicant will get picked from the hordes of applications. As an applicant, what you want is to be the best but the road towards that is not easy. Luckily, websites like LinkedIn offer algorithms that allow one to compare profiles with someone else of the same field and with a similar skill set. So, say you are applying for the post of a data analyst. And you want to know your chances of getting selected. You can then use the algorithm which will stack your profile against others who have applied to the same job. Now, you know your chances and more importantly, you know your weaknesses. 

  • Use Your Network To Connect To Industry Professionals And Find Openings

The online job search world does not just provide applicants with job listings, it also creates a network of professionals. An example would be LinkedIn- a job site but more of a professional social media site. You do not just find job listings from employers. But also articles, blogs, and posts from the top professionals of your industry. This educates and enriches your knowledge about your field. You remain updated on the latest news, breakthroughs, and openings in your industry. 

  • Get Selected For Your Dream Job Even When You’re Not Actively Applying

While online job boards mostly cater to active job seekers, it allows more room to the passive ones as well. Employed-but-searching-for-newer-opportunities is a fad that the online job search market understands quite well. So, it allows one to subscribe to the sites for specific positions and roles and as soon as a vacancy arises. It then notifies the job seeker. Thus, without hampering your role or performance at your present company. You can look for better options elsewhere with no detrimental impact. You do not go to the jobs, the job comes to you.  


Job portals and online job boards have gone far and wide to make job search easier for applicants. Even AI, machine learning and data mining tools used to provide insights to applicants. This will help them make better decisions when searching for their new employers. However, the key lies in the data having continuous job feed gets updated with fresh job listings frequently is a must. This is why our automated job discovery tool JobsPikr is a preferred DaaS solution for Job Boards and Job Websites across the world. 

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