JobsPikr’s 2019 Journey

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JobsPikr Beta was launched in late 2017 and went through multiple iterations following the demands of our growing user base. It has been a thrilling year for JobsPikr, accompanied with its highs and lows, pushing us further towards our set targets. There were times we had to push really hard because some of the assumed traction wasn’t coming in.  JobsPikr has gone through a lot of brainstorming and reshaping, thanks to all the continuous customer feedback. Let’s see JobsPikr Journey throughout these years.

Sneak Peak into JobsPikr Journey

Pivot from source-specific jobs towards a jobs database

JobsPikr in its earliest form was designed to provide job feeds from company career pages and other specific sources of interest. 2019 saw a major pivot from that concept towards being able to search across jobs by location, title, keywords and the like. 

Currently, we are at 30 million job listings and counting. It has been great learning solidifying these sources and adding newer sources by the day as we grow the index. JobsPikr Journey throughout these years has been great.

Expanded user base

JobsPikr saw a major expansion in terms of the number of companies using this data. It also saw the evolution of customer segments with the growth and new needs of the users. 

JobsPikr now has customers from France, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, and Mexico among other countries like the US, UK, NL, and AU. We also have a lot of AI-driven companies in our user base, who are looking to enhance their AI engines with big accurate data.

Major features for checking expired jobs, download schedules and support

2019 saw a plethora of features being shipped almost every month. JobsPikr added features for checking for expired/active jobs, which was one of the most desired features across our user base. As a JobsPikr user, you can now only retrieve jobs that are still active. Furthermore, you can see if a previous job has expired. This empowers our users to deduce average timelines to close a position based on the location, job title, company or source. 

Other features that were launched were the ability to set up job data download schedules, the option to exclude company names and XML format option for data ingestion among many other smaller features that catered to individual user requests. Support is now seamlessly integrated into JobsPikr wherein issues can be raised and tracked easily. JobsPikr Journey throughout these years has been great.

Enriched data and increasing industry coverage

Jobs data that started out only with the essentials like job title, location, and description, now has an exhaustive list of fields that include salary details, HTML format of the job description, last date to apply, and current status of the job. Moreover, we now have jobs from across sectors like hospitality, healthcare, non-profit, media & communication, retail, etc. For instance, we did a quick visualization of cloud architect and product designer jobs from our database some time ago. Below is a quick representation of the insights we derived.

JobsPikr Journey – Onward and Upward

JobsPikr has evolved into a one-stop job data solution catering to the needs of every industry and segment be it job boards, placement agencies or analytic companies looking to monitor market signals. Moving into 2020, our goal is to strengthen our position further on our mission enabling business success via data. There’s already a huge feature backlog that the team is skillfully working on. JobsPikr Journey throughout these years has been great.

We aim to expand our jobs index by another 20M dataset and add newer industry niches while making the solution more robust and easy to use. We’d also like to initiate strategic partnerships in this space to help more businesses succeed by leveraging easy access to data, which is otherwise generally difficult to obtain.

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