A Quick Sneak Peek at JobsPikr

JobsPikr product update

While JobsPikr is still getting its finishing touches done, we thought we could give you a quick preview of the features and workflow. We wanted to ensure a smooth workflow for the users and have made the process as simple as possible. In the previous blog post, we had outlined what the JobsPikr product update platform does, who it benefits and some of the unique features which you can check out to be on the same page. Here is a quick inside look and overview.

JobsPikr Product Update

1. Easy 3-Step process to get started

Once signed up, you are ready to go to the JobsPikr Wizard, which will help you find and subscribe to the job data bundles that you need.  You can either choose to subscribe to a bundle or pick individual sites from different bundles. The whole process is very simple and applying the job data feeds to your business might not ever get easier than this.

2. Perfectly curated Job Data Bundles

JobsPikr presents the job data sets as bundles of different geographies and individual sites. A bundle would contain data from multiple sites that belong to the respective geography mentioned on the bundle name. For example, ‘Popular-USA’ would contain data from the websites of all the popular companies in USA. The ‘info’ icon will be there to help you view the list of sites present in the bundle. You can choose to subscribe to a bundle and pick other individual sites from our pool of sites.

3. New records everyday

Once you have subscribed to your preferred list of sites and bundles, you will be given a data file every day, consisting of all the newly added jobs from your subscription list. The AutoExtract crawler behind JobsPikr performs daily crawls to discover and extract these new records. With this, fresh job data is always at your disposal.

4. JobsPikr Product Update – Flexible data delivery modes

With JobsPikr, you will have complete flexibility when it comes to getting the data delivered. You can either download the data files directly from your JobsPikr dashboard or choose to pull it from our API. You also get to choose the data file format from either of XML, JSON or CSV, thus saving you from the compatibility worries.

5. Use your PromptCloud account

If you are already a PromptCloud client, you don’t have to create a new account, just use your CrawlBoard credentials to access JobsPikr.

6. Secure and hassle free payments

Once you are done picking sites and bundles, making the payment is easy and hassle free. You can use your credit card to pay for your subscription and Stripe will securely process your payment.

7. Suggest new sites

Making JobsPikr a one-stop destination for job data is our primary mission. This is why we included a suggestion area for users who could not find their preferred site on the list. You can go to the ‘Sites Suggestion’ tab in the left sidebar to let us know about a new site you need data from. Your request will be considered for the subsequent upgradation of our crawler.

JobsPikr Product Update – Summary

With the framework and key features in place, JobsPikr is slated to be launched by the third week of April. If you’d like to be notified once we go live, head over to this page and subscribe.

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