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If you start browsing the internet for job boards, you will come across multiple articles, which specifically state that niche job boards are better than general job boards. Even we came across many such articles like this. However, what’s the reason behind such a strong statement? Well, there are not one but multiple benefits of a focused niche job board:

  1. Easier to navigate through hundreds of targeted jobs
  2. There’s a personalized approach
  3. Quality of the jobs posted is usually better
  4. The candidate pool is much smaller
  5. Job descriptions are more descriptive and make better sense to the targeted audience

Unlike other job boards, niche ones need to focus on a specific field. Hence, the people running the job board also need to have a deeper understanding of the field to maintain the board better and to keep away job posts that are not relevant or are misleading in nature. When running a multi-region based, a large-sized job board which also provides counseling for candidates, it is better if you have a person from the specific field on board, to help you out. But after all, what makes up a job board is the data, and if getting data for job boards is difficult, getting data for niche job boards is even harder since you would need proper filtering techniques so that you do not have to manually filter thousands of job posts to find those relevant. Job scraping from external sites is in itself a herculean task. If you include filtering along with it, it becomes an entire ball game.

Niche Job Boards

Niche Job boards are not simply data gathering websites that get data from third-party sources and display them on their websites. Instead, thorough research is required to find and target the top companies in that field across different geographical regions. Once a list of these companies has been created, one has to find out how all of them advertise for openings- through their job boards, or social media websites, etc. 

Once that is done, a list of all the websites that contain relevant data has to be created and these websites need to be scraped to get the data for the niche job board. Also, in case these companies have other types of jobs, filtering mechanisms have to be put into place so that only relevant jobs are scraped. This can be done through keyword filtering in the job description, or by looking for only specific job posts, etc. Filtering of data is of utmost importance since the better you can filter out job listings related to your niche, the less manual effort will be required once you have the data with you and get someone to go through the feed manually.

If you are in business for the long run you can even create a list of companies that you find are most popular in your niche and try to tie up with them. However, you also need to make sure that you capture smaller companies and startups that may be picking up pace fast, and recruiting a lot of candidates. For finding job listings of such companies, web scraping is the only way to go since they would usually advertise on social media platforms or popular job boards in their region only.

JobsPikr Makes Job Scraping Easier for Niche Job Boards

For job scraping from external sites, one can turn to a few options. If the requirement is minimum and occasional, one can use web scraping tools, although the process is neither scalable not recommended. On the other hand, if you have a development team which has some basic knowledge in scripting and web scraping, you can use them to gather data for you. But then, since most job-board companies would have their focus on the business side, having a full-fledged development or web scraping team is mostly out of the question.

This is where JobsPikr, a product created by our team at PromptCloud comes in. JobsPikr is an automated job discovery tool, that helps you fetch fresh job listings by title, location and more. 

What are some of the benefits of using JobsPikr:

  • Wide coverage- JobsPikr has a huge coverage in respect to region and currently covers major industrial hubs like the USA, UAE, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada and more.
  • Search Criteria- This is where the filtering comes in. Using the search criteria, you can use filters for locations, titles, keywords in the job description, and more.
  • Formatted data- Data is provided in ready to use formats like CSV and JSON while there are multiple delivery mechanisms available such as S3 bucket, Dropbox or even direct API integration.
  • Affordable Pricing- JobsPikr’s plans are customizable so that you are charged only for what you use and this way it can fit different types of job boards.
  • No maintenance- Our automated algorithms provide a steady flow of high-quality job feed without the need for any manual intervention. 
  • No infra costs- Since job feed is provided on demand by us, the infra costs on your end is minimized tenfold.

Web Data

For job scraping from external sites to build your job board that serves a niche field might look like a herculean task, but if you have solved the main problem of getting a continuous feed of data (job feeds), then building it is no big task. Data on the web is present mostly in an unstructured format, and only if you gather it, clean it and store it in a structured format in a way such that your business processes can utilize it whenever required, you can make the most of data. Building any data-driven business takes time but if you have a good data feed your business will learn from the data and even you will learn from the data and this will enable you to take data-backed decisions so that you always take calculated steps in your path to building a sustainable business.

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