Analyzing and Visualizing Healthcare Job Data in Europe

Healthcare Job Data in Europe

Europe’s job market is now booming with lucrative opportunities for highly skilled individuals and the demand is at a peak. This is even more pronounced in the healthcare sector which is currently undergoing rapid innovation, thanks to the proliferation of big data technologies. The European healthcare market is expected to cross the US $224 Billion by 2022 at a double-digit CAGR growth in the given forecast period.
Given the promising growth forecast, we decided to do some deeper analysis of the healthcare job market in Europe. For this study, we selected a job board catering exclusively to the healthcare sector in Europe called We analyze and visualize Healthcare Job Data in Europe.


The dataset that we analyzed contained more than 229,500 records and with the following data fields:

  • URL
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Text
  • Crawl Timestamp

Popular job categories

The top 3 job categories are Pharmaceutical, Research, and Sales. In contrast, openings for Physicians were very few in number, falling below 10,000. This could indicate that although there is a demand for high-skilled jobs, the market looks competitive on that front. Research being the second most popular job category indicates the promising research and development that the healthcare industry is going through at the moment. Another interesting find is Data and Statistics finding a place among the top 10 job categories in healthcare. There are many such categories of healthcare job data in Europe.

Job type

When it comes to job type, it’s obvious that most job openings are Permanent in nature whereas very few companies are looking for Temporary, Seasonal, and Part-time employees in the healthcare sector. This could be because healthcare jobs typically demand full-time involvement of the employees. This makes sense since healthcare jobs are not something that you can pursue casually.

Popular job locations

It’s not surprising that the UK comes up as the most popular location with job openings for healthcare professionals in Europe. The locations with the least job openings are Basel, Italy, Paris, and Spain. So, if you’re looking for a career in the healthcare sector, the UK is definitely your best bet as it undoubtedly has the highest number of job opportunities in Europe.

Job categories vs Locations

When we compare the job categories with the locations, the trends are similar to the UK leading as the location with the widest range of job categories across Europe. Research jobs are in demand in almost all locations. The job openings for Physicians seem to be particularly concentrated in the UK.

Top companies hiring

When it comes to the companies with huge demand for healthcare professionals, we can see that the top spots are secured by recruitment agencies.


With this study, we could successfully bring out some less-known insights pertaining to the healthcare industry in Europe. We found that the UK has the most number of job opportunities for healthcare professionals, irrespective of their skill level. The highest number of job openings was in the Pharmaceutical department, whereas the jobs available for Physicians are very few in comparison. We also saw that the jobs requiring Data and Statistics skills are on the rise.  Although the healthcare sector typically reacts to changes at a slower pace, it’s great to see new-age technologies joining hands with healthcare, since it has the potential to bring about ground-breaking changes to human lives.

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