Best Industrial Staffing Agencies in the US

best industrial staffing agencies

Staffing agencies help in placing the right talent in the right department. They can help businesses hire individuals ranging from skilled professionals and temporary seasonal employees. Staffing agencies draw the right candidates from a pool of skilled candidates from various industries. 

The best staffing agency collaborates with businesses to learn about their hiring requirements and provide screenings, custom searchers, hiring support, and assessment. At times, staffing agencies can offer businesses with hiring trends and that can help in planning for the future and develop strategies to attract and retain employees. 

In case you are having trouble choosing the right staffing agency for your organization, you can check out the list of agencies we have provided below. 

So, let’s check them out. 

1. Robert Half

The agency was established in 1948. It is the brainchild of Maxine Half and Robert. Since the time of its establishment, the company has won many awards and accolades. In fact, they have once been the top on America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms annual ranking. It has an extensive network of more than 325 locations. The company provides an extensive range of staffing services, including flexible, remote, and full-time placements.

It specialized in matching organizations to skilled professionals in technology, finance, marketing, administrative, and creative fields. Even though Robert Half isn’t accredited with BBB, it enjoys a rating of A+.

Apart from offering staffing solutions, Robert Half makes it easier for businesses to access the network of the company’s professional-level talent using Robert Half Direct. So, you will only have to upload the job description and the matching technology based on AI will pull up a list of candidates. 

The staffing agency also provides remote hiring, providing a secure digital workspace for getting candidates up and running. They provide remote workers with tablets and laptops supported by their own security center. 

2. Randstad

Randstad was launched in 1960 by Ger Daleboudt and Frits Goldschmeding to provide temporary employees to banks, insurance companies, and healthcare. As the agency scaled up, it took over many other staffing agencies. Eventually, it shifted its headquarters to Atlanta in Georgia in 1993. 

The company has a global outreach of more than 4000 offices in 38 markets. They have successfully placed 568,00 workers across the world. 

Randstad offers staffing, outsourcing, HR, and consulting workforce solutions for permanent and temporary jobs. The company has a C-ranking but is accredited with BBB. They have a C ranking because they failed to respond to some complaints that had been filed against the company. 

When it comes to staffing, Randstad has a data-driven approach. If you go through their website, you will get an idea about their talent acquisition process, employee retention, staffing strategy, and employee engagement. 

The company is also known to provide a strict vetting and screening process that is customized as per the requirements of the clients. This includes validating credentials, background checks, testing candidates, and checking references. 

3. Toptal 

Toptal is a staffing agency in the US that boasts of a wide range of business talent and elite tech in the industry. It is nothing like the other staffing agencies in the market.

A majority of their talents are working remotely from across the globe. In the beginning, it was perceived as a freelance agency. But with time, it evolves as the best staffing destination. It became the favorite of more than 500 companies who trusted Toptal to bring the very best. 

Initially, the company started just with tech experts. However, over the years they expanded the network to include designers, financial experts, and more. They are now one of the best industrial staffing agencies in the US. 

4. Korn Ferry

This industrial staffing agency was launched in 1969. It was pioneered by Richard Ferry and Lester Korn. At present, it is home to more than 7000 employees in 50 different countries. It is a global organization that specializes in leadership training and executive search. Even though the company isn’t accredited with BBB, it has an A+ rating. 

Korn Ferry has a database of 7million candidate profiles. So, it will help industries find the right executives for the job role. The industrial staffing company uses an executive assessment method that considers the candidate’s traits, competencies, experiences, and motivators that aligns with the role.

The company offers a whole range of services for helping organizations create an efficient board of directors. It works with the board to formulate an effective strategy. They also partner with people having deep industry expertise to hire the right candidates.

5. Adecco

Adecco is a new company in comparison to others. The agency is a merger of two firms Adia Interim and Ecco. It secured Olsten Staffing in 1999 to become the best industrial staffing agency in the United States. The company is known to have the biggest network of pre-scanned candidates and provides great benefits.

Being a global company, it has offices in more than 450 locations in 60 different countries. The company connects about 70,000 workers to their job opportunities every day. Even though the industrial staffing agency isn’t accredited with BBB, it has a high rating. However, the rating might vary with the location. 

The company creates custom staffing plans, no matter if you want to hire just 6 employees or 600. Every talent is pre-screened by Adecco. Also, they perform the adequate skill and background checks as requested. 

Bottom Line: Top Industrial Staffing Agencies

Industrial staffing agencies can provide you with a database of carefully assessed candidates that your employees can select from. They partner with clients to better align the business requirements with candidates’ skills and fill up the positions faster. By hiring the right staffing agencies, you can fill in the gaps in the hiring process as they can offer skill assessments, background checks, certifications, and validating credentials. Some industrial staffing agencies also provide employee training. 

Staffing agencies will provide you with any kind of hiring solution in all industries imaginable. We have gone over a dozen staffing agencies to list only the best. 

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