How is Job Data Scraping Helpful for Businesses?

What is Job Feed Data?

Job Data Scraping is a web-based application process, which helps end-users to find a job with searching criteria like preferred skill and location and work profile. It also helps to ‘post job’ and ‘search candidate’ based on the job seeker profile. Job providers can download the resume of the job seeker. Simultaneously, almost all companies have their career page from where a job seeker can apply directly. All this information available online known as Job Feed Data.


How to Use Job Data:

Being in the business of web scraping for over a year and talking to users from all over the world we have come to know, job data stands out as being one of the most sought after information on the web. As per few studies in developed countries 51% of currently employed adults are searching for new jobs or looking for new work opportunities and 58% of job seekers, look for jobs online, in another word, the market is huge and there are many people waiting for new job data which proves essential in their positioning of the company. At the same time, there are so many ways that these job data can be utilized, such as:

  • Collecting data for analyzing job trends and the labour market.
  • Tracking competitors, their open positions, compensations, benefits plan to get yourself a leg up in the competition.
  • Fueling of job aggregator sites with fresh job data.
  • Finding leads by pitching your service to companies that are hiring for the same.
  • Staffing agencies scrape job boards to keep their job databases up-to-date.


Source of Job Feed Data:

There are a few main types of sources for job data available online. Anyone interested in the same first and foremost needs to decide where to extract this information from. Such as from:

  1. Major job aggregator sites like Indeed, Monster, Naukri, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Craiglist, LinkedIn, SimplyHired,, Jobster, Dice, Facebook jobs, etc.
  2. Employer/ Career Consultancy oriented Job Portals.

You can check a few of The Best Job Portal in India and Worldwide here.

  1. Career sections on company websites. Scraping these pages regularly can give one the most updated list of job openings.



If you are also looking for job scraping software, then JobsPikr is an ideal solution as its job data delivery platform extracts data directly from the company websites, portals and more. Which is clean and ready-to-use daily by individuals of Businesses associated with Job Boards, Recruitment Firm, AI-based job software. Market Research and Last but not the least Lead Generation. JobsPikr can also help you target a specific job market. Read here for more detailed information.

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