How JobsPikr is helping the niche job markets

When it comes to job listings, no company today lists all types of jobs. Just as nobody applies for all types of jobs. Specialization is the key to success, whether you are hosting job listings or applying for a job. Even fields like software engineering which were traditionally seen as a single sphere have now broken into multiple niches such as front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development, data-science, machine-learning, and more. But then, how do you focus on niches in the job market and how do you gather data for your niche to roll out your niche job board? Well, using the help of JobsPikr.

While researching which niche job markets you want to hit is something that you might have to do on your own, finding the appropriate job listings so that you can run your business without having to worry about the data is what JobsPikr is here to take care of.

The business of niche job markets

This resonates well with the “long tail business strategy” that states in every there is enormous space for smaller or niche companies to cater to larger number of audiences in comparison to catering to popular demands fulfilled by bigger enterprises.



How JobsPikr helps you target a niche job market

When you are trying to target niche job markets, whether by the location, the type of job or both, it is a must to figure out a solid and comprehensive data source. For example, you might want to build a job board or employment services business catering to the tech jobs in Austin, Texas.

This can easily be done using feeds from JobPikr that allows you to set specific search criteria with location (minimum at the city level), job title, keywords, and more. Once you have done that, you use the API to feed your job board or manually import the job data crawled from popular job boards in ready-to-consume format (CSV/JSON).

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You can use data to perform your analysis and get an understanding of the requirements and trends in the niche. This can immensely help with your recruitment business as well as lead generation by finding out the companies that are hiring for new opportunities.

With this information, you can also approach your candidates and deliver personalized services primarily to bridge gaps in the skills. You can go a step forward and tie-up with training agencies to impart specific knowledge and training to candidates that would help them get their jobs in the niche that you are targetting.

Popular job markets

Many niche job markets exist today, but we will discuss only the ones that are currently trending and often in the news. Some niche job markets that are taking off fast and require dedicated job boards are the following:

Data Science – The science of data. While most of us have heard how data will be the new oil, jobs in the field of data have already exploded, and there’s a dearth of people to fill the jobs. With the ever-expanding number of customers who use services, goods, and devices every single day, there’s an urgent requirement in the industry to capture data points, study them, and come up with reasonable findings. All these can only be done by data-science experts. A niche like this would also attract data-scientists who experiment with data modeling and machine learning.

Content Creation – Content creation is one of the most sought after jobs in the 21st century. Creating content that would capture the love of customers would not only benefit a company but also give it a better understanding of what the customers want and make it easier for companies to communicate with their customers. Content doesn’t always need to be videos or text. Any form of content that can stand out in the crowd and make itself heard can be a winner today. That’s the reason why content creation has in itself become a niche, where there’s a dearth of people who can express their thoughts and vision through any means possible.

Infrastructure Architects – Gone are the days when every company maintained its servers and IT-support teams. Presently, most companies run their web-services using cloud-based infrastructures such as Amazon’s AWS or Google’s GCP. But moving traditional code to the cloud, or maintaining such code and databases, requires cloud architects who know the ins and outs of cloud programming and infrastructure. Such personnel are required by every tech company today so that they can make sure that their cloud-hosted website can run securely and safely without any interruption at all times.

Online Marketing and Advertisement – When was the last time you got handed flyers, advertising the opening of a shop? Marketing and advertisement have moved to the online platform since the early twenties, and today companies require people with knowledge in online marketing so that they can decide how to split their budget over providers like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Finding experts in this niche is a tough task that you can make simple through your niche job board.

WordPress Developers – For those who want to get a website up and running quickly, WordPress is the best way to go forward. It can help you create a blogging website in a matter of minutes and is a preferred CMS (content management system) of many small businesses. However, customizing it does require some web-development knowledge and you should get someone who has worked on WordPress before to set up your website. You can have a website set up and maintained with the help of a single person. This is one reason why WordPress developers are so much in demand today.

Why JobsPikr?

Setting up a new business, or new job board isn’t easy and that is why our team at PromptCloud decided to come up with an automated job feed that would work with multiple filters such as keywords, niches, locations, and more. With this automated feed, companies would have one less thing to worry about when they are connecting candidates to companies.

Also, a continuous stream of data can be used in other ways, like, a data model can be run to decide which type of requirements are more popular in which cities, or which level of professionals are more in demand, or even what the average salaries across different experience levels are. JobsPikr is helping many customers successfully compete in their niche job markets, be it fashion jobs or jobs in the field of medicinal cannabis, and it’s time you use JobsPikr to build your niche job board.

If you interested in learning more and exploring how the job feeds work, get statred here.

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