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While more and more businesses have been moving to the internet and leaving behind brick and mortar shops, the recruiting industry had made the move around the early 2000s. But job portals have changed with time, and Job boards have increased tenfold today. Most companies do not recruit directly, but rather they take the help of job boards and consultants. In case you run a job board, and want to create a niche for yourself in the massive recruitment industry, it is a must that you make your website candidate friendly. When candidates find your website easy to use, they will spread the word, and you would get organic hits even without spending a penny on an advertisement. Also, with new job boards adding the competition every day, you have to think out of the box to make yours stand out. You have to give an ‘x-factor’ to candidates that would make them use your site whenever they are hunting for jobs. So here are some tips to make your job-board candidate-friendly and build best job boards.

Steps to Building Best Job Boards

1. Have separate webpages for niches like data science

There are certain niches within the job sector, such as hospitality, data-science, media, and more which require dedicated webpages. The reason behind this is that people from these sectors would not want to spend time finding their specific jobs among a huge job feed containing thousands of jobs. You can easily create separate webpages depending on industries such as aviation, hospitality, electronics, and more, to make your website more appealing and also to make the life of your candidates easier.

2. Allow different filtering options

You may be having an updated job feed where hundreds of jobs get added or updated every hour. But no candidate would want to go through all of them to find the ones that they can apply to. This is why you need to have varied filters available in your job feed page. Filters can range from location to job profile or even the number of years of experience required. One important filter that is presently trending is keywords. You should allow candidates to type in keywords, which you have to find in job-description and thereby show the relevant matches.

3. Provide other services like CV templates

Not all candidates will come to your job board, fully prepared, ready to apply for a job. Some may need help in creating the perfect CV. Some may even prefer having a counsellor who can prepare them for a telephonic or in-person interview. While it is true that you are running a job-board as your primary business, the more extra features that you provide to your candidates, the more likely are they to prefer your job board as opposed to others.

4. Make documents upload and verification simpler

Since a lot of candidates may apply for a single job, companies take longer to decide on the right candidates to interview and due to this, some candidates are left waiting for long, even to the point where they end up going for a different job altogether. You can help by building your own document and identity verification system so that you can weed out the fake or incomplete applicants so that the candidate-pool that a company needs to handle becomes small and genuine job seekers receive their interview calls faster. This would be a boon for both companies and candidates.

5. Make it mobile-friendly

Not everyone is looking for jobs while sitting in a room with their computer on the table. Most people looking for new jobs are still continuing their education or are still at a different job. In many scenarios, candidates may not want to apply for jobs, or even open a job board website on their office computer. People may want to use your website on the go. Due to these reasons, building an excellent app for Android and Apple users to compliment your web app is an absolute must. You should try to replicate as many features as you provide on your actual site, on your mobile app.

6. Provide a dashboard to candidates

We all know that companies that are hiring candidates need a dashboard to track which stage of hiring each candidate is on, but even candidates need a dashboard to keep track of things when navigating a job board. They need to track the number of jobs they have applied to, the steps at which each application is presently stuck, which of them have contacted back, which of them have presented an interview invitation, and more. Giving a dashboard with all this data to candidates can help them manage their job applications better and get a suitable job without having to walk an extra mile.

7. Have a broad and updated job feed

Having a broad and updated job feed means having a wide variety of jobs, covering multiple sectors as well as geographical locations and niches. The need for having a frequently updated job feed is that you do not want candidates applying for job positions that have already been filled up, or which have expired. This is why you should be using a no-maintenance and fully automated job-feed provider like our solution- JobsPikr. With this job-discovery tool, you would be able to fetch job-feed across major places such as North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and more. You also have the option to get jobs not only based on parameters but even certain keywords. The data will be provided to you in any format you want (JSON, CSV, etc) and in any delivery method of your choice (such as via APIs or S3 buckets, Dropbox, etc). 

8. Provide customer care for handling critical issues

While you might have handled every problem and scenario you could think of on your job board through an automated “report-your-problem” system or through an AI enable chat-bot, it is always better to have customer care to take care of scenarios and situations that lie beyond your thinking and which need to be taken care of within a short span of time. Candidates getting a little panicky need to be handled by your support team so that you can provide a better service.

9. Give recommendations to applicants based on their profile

Think of a recommender system like that of Netflix. But for candidates using job boards. You can use different points such as education, work experience, professional certifications, and more to recommend jobs that a candidate can apply to. When candidates are able to apply for jobs without the need to search through hundreds of job posts, they are bound to love your website.

10. Validate the authenticity of new companies before posting jobs

Since there are a large number of candidates hunting for jobs in today’s world, a lot of people try to scam them through multiple means. One such scam is creating fake job posts and then taking money as a security fee or initiation fee and then disappearing. To make sure that no candidate on your website is cheated, something that you can do is verify any new company that wants to post its jobs on your website. This way you will not only be taking care of your candidates but also be making sure of your reputation as job boards that puts candidates first.

Data is the Key to Becoming Best Job Boards

When building job boards, most people tend to think of partnerships, and advertisements, and tieing up with companies and more such opportunities to make money. Most forget that none of these would make any sense if there were no customers- the candidates. That’s why whenever you are building a job-portal, or a job-board, or a job-finding website, your design, layout and processes must be in a candidate-first format.

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